Hewlett-Packard is the PC leader and has a wide range of businesses ranging from printing to software to enterprise servers. HP also is a major services player via the acquisition of EDS. As IBM's primary rival, HP aims to sell customers an entire stack of hardware, software and services. Under Mark Hurd, HP was a lean, mean operational machine. The next CEO, however, must show that HP can grow organically sans acquisitions and cost cuts.

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HP delivers Linux laptop

Hewlett-Packard is stepping out as the first major manufacturer to offer a laptop preloaded with the open-source operating system. Correspondent James Hilliard takes a closer look with HP's David Conrad.

August 23, 2004 by in Laptops

The virtual route to business travel

Business travel may take on a new face, thanks to a research project from HP Labs. CNET's Brian Cooley talks with Hewlett-Packard Fellow Norm Jouppi about how the company's BiReality system would enable people to move throughout remote business locations without leaving the home office.

May 27, 2003 by in Hewlett-Packard

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