Smaller companies are rewriting tech buying rules with a penchant for the cloud.

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5 tips for smbs to raise productivity

Singapore-based property agency, ECG, shares how companies can be more efficient by leveraging digitized workflow, mobile access to data, social networks for internal communications, automated processes, and e-payment.

November 22, 2012 in SMBs

How SMBs can go green

Smaller firms typically lag behind larger ones in adopting eco-friendly practices due their focus on survival and lack of economies of scales from investments, but there are still basic ways for them to go green.

September 27, 2012 in SMBs

Top ten online marketing tips for small business

An increasing number of small businesses are cashing in on the unprecedented opportunities created by the explosion of online marketing. However, an even larger number have yet to take advantage. While many might say that they don't have the time or need for such things, the growing trends arising from web-based services such as social media cannot be ignored and may ultimately determine the fate of their business. For many, the only thing that really holds them back is a clear understanding of what's possible and how to get started. Fortunately, we can help. In this video, which was originally presented as a live and interactive webcast on February 23, 2012, learn ab...

February 29, 2012 in SMBs

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