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Tech vendors are tripping over themselves to be social, and enterprise computing increasingly emulates Facebook and Twitter.

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Facebook's fine-print flub

ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das talks to senior editor Sam Diaz about a small change to Facebook's terms of service that has caused big waves. Diaz discusses the company's response and his thoughts on how the company should have handled the matter.

February 17, 2009 in Social Enterprise

CEO predicts future uses for Twitter

At a Churchill Club event in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Evan Williams reveals which possible uses for his microblogging service excite him the most, what the company's most requested feature is, and why he's surprised anyone even uses their service at all. Moderator: Kevin Maney, contributing editor, Conde Nast Portfolio.

December 18, 2008 in Social Enterprise

Twitter to Facebook, thanks but no thanks

ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das talks to senior editor Sam Diaz about Facebook's proposal to buy Twitter for $500 million in stock and why the microblogging service has decided to remain independent. Diaz explains that Twitter would like to develop a more thorough revenue plan before partnering up with the popular social-networking site.

November 25, 2008 in Social Enterprise

Can Obama bring tech respect to Washington?

Senior editor Sam Diaz talks about how President-elect Barack Obama will use technology when he becomes president. Diaz says, while Obama might have to give up his BlackBerry because of security issues, he has plans to broadcast his weekly address over YouTube and appoint the nation's first chief technology officer.

November 24, 2008 in Social Enterprise

Slide CTO: Jeremiah Robison

Jeremiah Robison, CTO of Slide, makers of popular social networking apps, SuperPoke, TopFriends and SlideShow talks with CNET News' Dan Farber about what it takes to develop a technology infrastructure to support applications across a host of social network sites. Miller also discusses the company's unique relationship with Facebook as both competitor and partner in the area of application development.

September 9, 2008 in Social Enterprise

Will Facebook apology backfire in a lawsuit?

ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das talks with Senior Editor Sam Diaz about the class action lawsuit against Facebook over their Beacon advertising program. They discuss the consequences of possible privacy violations, how Beacon changed to an "opt-in" program, and why CEO Mark Zuckerberg's admission of guilt may have been a bad move.

August 19, 2008 in Social Enterprise

Beyond the Icahn-Yahoo honeymoon

ZDNet's Sam Diaz offers his take on the agreement between billionaire investor Carl Icahn and Yahoo. He says the latest development only settles the proxy fight, and now comes the big challenge--getting Yahoo's newly expanded board to work together.

July 21, 2008 in Social Enterprise

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