Toshiba finishes acquisition of OCZ for its SSD assets

Toshiba finishes acquisition of OCZ for its SSD assets

Summary: New subsidiary OCZ Storage Solutions will continue to sell its solid-state drives to enterprises and consumers.

TOPICS: Storage, Toshiba

OCZ made a name for itself over the years with some innovative PC products, from DIY gaming laptops to some of the first PCI Express solid-state drives, but struggled recently, eventually claiming bankruptcy last month. Toshiba, however, has come to the rescue, making -- and now finalizing -- an acquisition bid that will keep OCZ's SSD products on the market.

According to the terms of the agreement, OCZ will operate as a new subsidiary, OCZ Storage Solutions, and continue to sell its drives in both the consumer and enterprise markets. Toshiba claims that it can combine its NAND flash memory with OCZ's proprietary controller technology and software for future products.

Growth in the SSD industry continues to explode, with some estimates predicting that a third of the entire storage market will be solid state based by 2017. That growth will come from consumer computing -- whether as part of laptop storage or as a DIY desktop add-on as well as enterprise applications.

OCZ has a well-reviewed lineup of consumer drives, including the Vector 150 (shown above) and the Vertex series. In the enterprise space, it has models like the Deneva 2 and the new Intrepid 3000. Toshiba hopes to capitalize on those products, and it probably provides a little peace of mind to those who have purchased OCZ drives in the past that the company still exists in some form. 

Topics: Storage, Toshiba

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  • Toshiba finishes acquisition of OCZ for its SSD assets....

    This is not just about the demise of OCZ but is more of a reflection on how the market of storage media will be shaken up with the arrival of the larger SSD Drives which we are now seeing.

    It is likely other manufacturers will fold that have for years concentrated on producing HDD Drives with companies such as Crucial embracing the latest SSD technology.

    At this time of change even the largest of manufacturers of HDD Drives such as Western Digital or Seagate are not immune.

    Its a case of all change SSD Drives are here to stay and the large manufacturers can ill afford to be complacent or live in the past that HDD Drives will forever have a place because they won't.