Toshiba introduces new Satellite E series laptops, Ultrabooks

Toshiba introduces new Satellite E series laptops, Ultrabooks

Summary: Based on the same design as the company's luxury Kirabook, some of the new notebooks come with Intel Haswell processors and Dragon Assistant voice-recognition software.


Toshiba is bringing some of the high-end look of its Kirabook laptop to its more budget-friendly notebooks with its new Satellite E series. Of course, you won't get the same materials and accoutrements, but you'll be saving several hundred dollars.

For instance, while the E45t Ultrabook and E55 have the same basic design as the pricier Kirabook, they rely on aluminum and plastic instead of magnesium. They also have lower-res screens. Nonetheless, the laptops are less than an inch thick and include such niceties as LED-backlit keyboards.

The version of the Satellite E45t sold exclusively at Best Buy includes a 14-inch 1,366x768 screen, Intel Core i5-4200U "Haswell" processor, 6GB of RAM, and 500GB hard drive, though it lacks an optical drive. It does come with touchscreen capabilities, however, as well as Nuance's Dragon Assistant voice recognition software. The Best Buy configuration will cost $699.99, while Toshiba's website will also be selling the E45t starting on August 4.

There are different flavors of the Satellite E55, depending on whether you choose AMD or Intel inside. While both options feature a 15.6-inch display with the same resolution as the E45t, the E55t comes with a Core i5 processor and the E55D and E55Dt come with an AMD A6 chip. The E55D lacks a touch screen and includes a 750GB hard drive instead of the 1TB one the E55Dt ships with. The bigger E55 makes room for a numeric keypad that is not available on the E45t.

According to Engadget, the E55D will be priced from $580, whereas the E55Dt will cost $700. No pricing info for the E55t is available yet. Toshiba says the E55 series will be sold by major retailers in addition to being hawked on the company's own site, which says these new notebooks will be ready on August 25. For more hands-on observations, check out our sister site CNET's rundown

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  • It was all good until 1,366x768 appeared...

    Yet another laptop with a pathetic low res display. When you think that the new Nexus 7 gives you 1920 x 1200 in a 7 inch screen it shows how appalling it really is. Apparently that's 112 PPI, so as long as you sit 3 feet from your laptop it won't look crap.
  • To me its only interesting if it comes pre loaded with W-8.1

    or you automatically get a free up grade W-8.1 and your able to turn off UEFI if you choose to..
    Over and Out
    • Why do you want to turn off UEFI?

      UEFI is the way of the future (and has been for years).

      BIOS is done.
      • UEFI is just another attempt by Microsoft to thwart Linux

        And don't tell me its a OEM hardware problem. OEM do what ever Microsoft tells them to do.
        Over and Out
        • What on earth are you talking about?

          UEFI has nothing to do with Microsoft.

          Are you high?
        • Ubuntu supports UEFI.

          Not sure where your argument's leading here.
          • I believe Linux has supported UEFI longer than Windows has

            If memory serves. Maybe it is more accurate to say that UEFI is just another attempt by Linux to thwart Windows?
          • oddbottom3 ....the other way around ...yah right

            Go try out for Saturday Night Live.
            Over and Out
          • HOG wash

            Ubuntu support to what degree? How many time have you attempted to turn off UEFI?
            Over and Out
    • I think you mean secureboot

      That makes more sense to shut off than UEFI.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Awww, why did you have to spoil the fun?

        It was hilarious watching the Linux fanboy make a fool of himself.
        • And you toddbottom3 must walk on water

          When you call someone a fool I suggest you look in the mirror before flapping your gums
          Over and Out
          • I'm laughing right now

            I wasn't the one showing how ignorant I was about computer technology.

            Oh hi Enough Said.
          • NO toddbottom3 you were just showing what a small minded person you are

            I posted something out of context and you got your jollies out of trying to put me down.

            You keep right on laughing toddbottom3 as your the one thats making a fool of himself.

            Another poster (Michael Alan Goff) pointed out my misstake in a polite manner, you should take lessons from him on how to correct or enlighten a person to his mistake.

            But you think your the big know it all man here on Zdnets, well I have news for you, your not..

            Your stitch seems to be to look posters mistakes and pounce. I hope you get your cookies off doing it.

            PS and I'm the one laughing at you right now as you continue to prove your posts match you picture.

            Bye Bye Toddy
            Over and Out
          • Only because this is the perfect time to do this

            "You keep right on laughing toddbottom3 as your the one"


            "Another poster (Michael Alan Goff) pointed out my misstake in a polite manner"


            "But you think your the big know it all"


            "I have news for you, your not.."


            "Your stitch seems to be"

            shtick, shtik, or schtick

            Bye Bye Enough Said
          • NO toddbottom3 your again showing what a simple minded person you are

            PS and I'm the one laughing at you right now as you continue to prove your picture matches your intellectual capabilities..

            Come on Toddy give us a big roar to go mean look. What you should do is string a wire between your horns and see if you can receive some brain waves from OwllllNet, than maybe you two know it alls can improve conversational skills.

            Bye Bye oddbottom3.
            Over and Out
          • Please grow up, Toddy

            there is no reason for the types of responses you're giving.
            Michael Alan Goff