Toshiba launches Satellite Click 2, Radius Windows 8.1 convertible laptops

Toshiba launches Satellite Click 2, Radius Windows 8.1 convertible laptops

Summary: The Radius features a dual-axis hinge and five viewing modes, while the two Click 2 models offer 13.3-inch screens that detach from their keyboard case.


At the same time Toshiba was rolling out a trio of new tablets, it was also introducing a triplet of laptops, all of which can convert to tablet mode.

The company is particularly touting its new Satellite Radius, which offers the type of viewing flexibility that is the hallmark of Lenovo's Yoga convertible notebooks.

In fact, Toshiba says it provides five different viewing modes — or one more than Yoga laptops advertise. Like a Yoga, the Radius makes use of a dual-axis hinge design to let you position it in traditional laptop mode, tablet mode, presentation mode (putting the device in a tent-like position so the keyboard is still accessible), audience mode (flipping the keyboard over to emphasize the screen), and also tabletop mode (laying both screen and keyboard out flat on a surface).

(Lenovo could argue that the Yoga can also handle tabletop mode, though it doesn't seem to count it as one of its viewing modes.)

The touchscreen doing this jujitsu is of the full HD 15.6-inch variety. You can configure the Radius with an Intel Haswell Core i5 or i7 processor and up to 1TB of hard drive space. It includes 8GB of RAM, Harman Kardon speakers, three USB 3.0 ports, and Intel WiDi wireless display support. Other than on Toshiba's online store, the Satellite Radius will be available exclusively at Best Buy in early July with a starting price of $925.99.

Like the Radius, the new Satellite Click 2 laptops, including a Pro model, are Best Buy (and Toshiba-online) exclusives. As their name suggests, these notebooks feature detachable screens for tablet use that can reconnect to the keyboard base with a mere click. Each version sports a 13.3-inch display, but they begin to converge from that point on, with the Click 2's screen possessing 1,366 x768 resolution, and the Click 2 Pro's screen offering full HD.

The basic Click 2 is powered by an Intel quad-core Pentium processor and ships with a 500GB hard drive, whereas the pricier Pro edition gives you a choice of Intel Haswell Core CPU and includes a 128GB solid-state drive. The Click 2 Pro also has an optional keyboard base that includes an extra battery and a 500GB hard drive. It also adds $250 to the starting price.

The Click 2 laptops will be available later next month, with the basic flavor starting at $586.99 and the Pro version at $1,028.99. 

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  • tablet?

    4.85 lbs.
    • yeah, but it's 2.81 without the keyboard dock

      and you were referring to it in tablet mode so let's not compare apples to oranges.
      • tablet mode

        While you certainly can remove the keyboard part from the Radius, it won't turn on afterwards. It will also void the warranty.
      • And at 2.81 pounds

        It's just 60% heavier then a Surface Pro 3 and only 25% more expensive.

        What's not to like...?
  • Inadequate

    Inadequate. This is a perfect example of why Microsoft had to make the Surface line. It has a low resolution display and low resolution touch.

    In total it shows no innovation and takes a step backward. Inadequate back-flips and rips.