Toshiba shows sub-1kg notebook

Toshiba shows sub-1kg notebook

Summary: The latest Portégé notebook has a built-in optical drive and all-day battery, and Toshiba claims its small size doesn't mean compromises have been made in design


Usually the term "subnotebook" conjures up images of compromise. Subnotebooks are generally too thin to include a drive tray for CD-ROMs and DVDs, and their batteries die before the flight attendant can say: "It's OK to use your personal electronics now." But, Toshiba tells David Berlind, the company thinks it has come up with a no-compromise design with the Portégé R500.

Topics: Mobility, Smartphones

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  • All day battery life is the clincher

    As laptops get more and more powerful (see the Dell XPS m1730) more and more people are moving from their desktop to their notebook full time. However, devices like the m1730 aren't going to last long on the go (chunky and short battery).

    That's why I opted for a powerful yet very portable Dell XPS m1330 which can last up to 7hrs due to a very efficient design and the Santa Rosa chipset.

    For the same price Toshiba didn't seem to come close on features or power even if it is about half the weight. But what makes the Toshiba an attractive prospect is the ALL DAY Battery life. This will make such a difference to mobile users. I find myself constantly looking for the next power source when I'm travelling with my last laptop (m1210) even though it had a 4-5hr battery life. The freedom of such a lightweight long lasting mobile device gives you makes me want to have it as my secondary system.

    Two things I'm not so happy about though is the cd tray - a slot loading drive would have been better. The other thing is the price. If it was more affordable I'd get it as a secondary system but it's priced at the same region as my main which although heavier at 1.8kg (under 4lbs) and packing 2.4Ghz Core2Duo and DirectX 10 graphics card will get my money over the extra wieght/battery life if I have to choose.