Totally gross iPhone apps

Totally gross iPhone apps

Summary: From birth to death - with all of the icky stuff in between we wonder why you would want to have these gross iPhone apps on your phone.

TOPICS: Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • Stool Scanner

    Stool Scanner will collect a stool sample from your finger and predict your next stool. It is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true fingerprint scanning functionality.

    Perhaps now that Apple has introduced fingerprint scanning, it may be only a matter of time before the feature is incorporated...

    All images courtesy of iTunes

  • How much Pee

    How Much Pee uses your device microphone to detect when you’re peeing. Using the duration and intensity of the peeing sound along with your age and gender, How Much Pee is able to estimate how much you peed.

    How Much Pee measures in both ounces and milliliters. You can keep track of your peeing history. Keep track of how much volume you’ve urinated in the last 24 hours and how much you’ve urinated since you installed the app.

    For detail-oriented obsessives.

    All images courtesy of iTunes

  • Bacon farts

    Bacon Farts offers 27 bacon themed fart sounds.

    ...Why bacon?

    All images courtesy of iTunes

Topics: Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • I love what society places value on

    We place value on things that we then say make people lazy and indolent because people are too busy using these things that offer no true value... only what is perceived to be value.

    I love how your society deludes itself over what is deemed "valuable". Everything except life and a dog-eat-dog paradigm will result in cannibalism. Who will blame then?
  • And now, we can add the ZDNet App to that list...

  • Hilarious!

    Thanks for that. Yep, there are some ridiculous apps.