Truffol case provides edge protection with minimal classy design (Gallery)

Truffol case provides edge protection with minimal classy design (Gallery)

Summary: Just about everyone I see with an iPhone has a case, but I am a fan of a nearly naked experience. Two Truffol cases provide great looks and protection at little cost to size or weight.


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  • Classy Truffol retail packaging

    Just about every iPhone I see out and about is used in a case. I have tried a number of cases, but have gone back to just using a Gelaskins decal. The folks at Truffol recently sent two premium cases that add minimal size and good protection while still allowing me to keep my Gelaskins on my iPhone 5.

    Signature Minimalist

    Truffol has a couple of different styles available for the iPhone 5. The Signature Minimalist ($60) that is available in navy or black with a black rubber coated stainless steel back frame piece. The dimensions of this case are 127.8 x 62.6 x 8.9 mm.

    The cases arrived in elegant green boxes with the back frame in one box and the front assembly in another. A screen protector and cleaning cloth are also included.

    The front piece that I tested is navy blue and has opening for all buttons and ports. Truffol includes a small piece in the front box that you insert into the opening for the ringer/lock switch. Make sure not to lose this piece as you open the package. Once inserted, the ringer/lock switch works very well.

    After you place your iPhone 5 into the front assembly you then place the back frame on top of the front assembly and then slide down to lock the back into place. There are six hooks, three on each side, that secure the back piece to the front assembly.

    The case doesn't add much, but it provides serious protection on the corners of the iPhone, which is the critical drop area that results in breakage. The Truffol case makes the iPhone 5 corners a bit more square than the native iPhone due to more thickness at the corners.

    The color looks great, very little is added to my iPhone 5, and I feel better that the corners are protected.

    Signature Classic

    Truffol also has the Signature Classic offering that has the same packaging and two piece design. The difference is in the back piece. On the Minimalist case the back is simply a thin black steel frame that borders the iPhone just around the back edges while the Classic has a solid piece of leather with an opening for the camera.

    The Signature CLassic case has navy, black, and silver front/side assembly pieces while you can get orange, red, black, or navy back Italian leather pieces. I was sent a red one to test out, but as a fan of orange I may have to purchase that color.

    The aircraft grade aluminum frame has a brushed finish and feel great. The leather back adds just a tiny bit of thickness (0.4 mm) to the case, but fits well around the edges. The Dimensions of the Signature Classic case are 127.8 x 62.6 x 10.4 mm.

    Shipping to the US is free and to most other countries around the world is just $USD 9.99.

  • Well done packaging with screen protector included

  • Two pieces of Signature Minimalist case

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