Tudou starts video sharing with Sina Weibo

Tudou starts video sharing with Sina Weibo

Summary: New platform enables Weibo microblogging users to share video content from Tudou as it widens user base and gives stock prices a boost, reports state.


Tudou has created an enhanced video sharing platform that allows Sina Weibo users to share video content, which has given the company's stock prices a boost. 

In a statement issued last Friday, the company said the "enhanced" platform allows Sina Weibo users to upload and share videos to and from Tudou's site, and claimed it is the first to provide such functionality for users of the microblogging service.

Additionally, Sina Weibo users that are not Tudou members but who wish to share content with other Tudou users will "automatically" become members, with similar user account names on both sites. This will allow better syncing of comments and discussions on both platforms, the company stated.

"We are building a more powerful video user ecosystem," Gary Wang, founder, chairman and CEO of Tudou, said in the statement. "Creating and sharing content is at the core of the Internet, and Tudou's cooperation with social-networking sites such as Sina Weibo is a powerful combination which will deepen consumers' online video and sharing experience."

Tudou's collaboration with Sina Weibo has already benefited the New York Stock Exchange-listed company's share price, according to Bloomberg. It reported last Saturday that Tudou's stock jumped the highest since its August initial public offering (IPO) in the United States, surging 28 percent to US$17.95.

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