Turn an old iPod touch or iPhone into a WiFi security camera

Turn an old iPod touch or iPhone into a WiFi security camera

Summary: A free iOS app turns any iDevice into a free, wireless security camera that records and streams video via the cloud and allows you watch it remotely in real-time.

TOPICS: Apple, Apps, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Security
Turn an old iPod touch or iPhone into a WiFi security camera - Jason O'Grady

I take my family's physical security very seriously and as a result, I'm a big fan of remote monitoring and home automation.

I previously used ArcherFish Solo cameras but have since replaced them with DropCams – and I can't wait for Canary to go into production. I also dig Twine, NestHue and innovative trackers like Tile, Fobo and Trackdot.

Back to cameras for a second though. The problem with them is twofold, 1) the hardware can be expensive, and 2) there's a recurring cost for the service. But you're in luck, I've got the answer to both problems and you can have a wireless, network-enabled camera for nothing, at least while it's in beta. 

Manything is an innovative new service that turns your iOS 5+ device  (including that old iPod touch or iPhone collecting dust in a drawer) into a free WiFi video camera. The Manything iOS app (free, App Store) records and streams video via the cloud to your manything.com account and allows you watch it remotely in real-time, view recorded sessions and make and share clips.

Compatible devices include:

  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5
  • iPod Touch 4th and 5th generation
  • iPad 2,3,4
  • iPad mini

If you have an unused iOS 5 device around, that solves problem 1 above. The second problem (the recurring fee for the service) is also covered because the Manything service is free during the beta period. After that, pricing for the storage is reasonable: 1GB is free, 3GB is $3 per month, 10GB is $8 per month, and 50GB is $15 per month. 

The service includes:

  • Live monitoring
  • Sound & movement detection
  • Unlimited devices
  • Clip sharing

A great use for an old iOS device that you might have laying around. 

What do you use for security cameras? 

Topics: Apple, Apps, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Security

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  • ipods and iphones are now free?


    Oh, so this isn't a free security camera, this is a security camera that costs hundreds of dollars.
    • Manything is awesome!

      Was wondering when this was going to get a mention on Zdnet - Manything is the most interesting app I've seen for iOS in ages! I already have a home security cam for my workshop but it's a nightmare to maintain - firmware updates, fiddly network settings, etc, so I've been using my old 3GS running Manything instead (the screen is cracked so I didn't bother sticking it on eBay). All I had to do is download an app to get started. Very cool!
    • Did you read the article Toddy?

      It utilizes old iOS devices that have already been paid for and not being used anymore.
    • but Toddy

      You own two such devices, your iPhone 4 and your iPad 2. Both are wonderful for this purpose.
      Since you replaced them both with an Nokia Lumia 920 and an Surface RT, then both are free for you. If you don't use them, nobody will refund you the money (yeah, I know, bad Apple, bad!).

      So, just download the free app and use what you have as security cameras. You are not buying anything new.
  • Manything is a must have!

    Manything is fabulous and its just so easy to set up and it's free where any alternatives are so expensive! It streams all your video live to you manything account, it's really a necessary download!
    Arctic Monkey
  • "What do you use for security cameras?"

    Well, not cameras, Jason. Dogs. Three.
    Laraine Anne Barker
  • Manything

    This is just about the most useful ap I have downloaded EVER. After adopting a puppy, I've spent hundreds of dollars on monitoring systems that I have never been able to get hooked up properly. All I have to show for that is a box of junk that sits useless and tangled. With the introduction to Manything, with a few easy steps I was able to turn my old iphone 4 into the perfect monitoring device I had been seeking all along. During my busy work day now I don't have to waste time worrying about my new puppy at all. I just log into Manything, and bam - I have a live feed of the cutie all day long.
  • VisionGS - not Apple, Windows

    I have several inexpensive IP cameras in strategic windows watching my home, networked using Powerline adapters (more reliable than Wi-Fi). I have an old Windows based notebook (low power) running VisionGS. 24X7 motion detection - emailed still, locally stored video clip, upload stills every 5 minutes (you decide the schedule) to my web site .... and if you purchase the low cost paid version, you can add highly customized screen overlays. We live in snow country and one camera's web upload is public. It has a snow depth overlay .... it routinely gets 20k+ monthly hits from winter sports enthusiasts who want to know snow conditions before making the trip. Oh, and I can add USB cameras or even traditional video cameras via a video/USB or Firewire adapter.
    Jim Johnson