Turnbull telling NBN lies: Conroy

Turnbull telling NBN lies: Conroy

Summary: Federal communications minister Stephen Conroy says his opposition counterpart should come clean on the amount of work that Telstra's ducts would need under the opposition's NBN alternative.


Federal communications minister Stephen Conroy says opposition is lying with a claim its national broadband network plan would pose less asbestos risk.

Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull on Tuesday said the coalition's broadband plan would cause "much less disturbance" and hence pose "much less of an asbestos issue" than Labor's $37.4 billion project.

"What they're doing is trying to create a scare campaign," he told Sky News on Wednesday.

"Malcolm Turnbull works on the policy that if you're going to tell a lie, let's tell a big one - let's make sure we go for a cracker."

Senator Conroy said under Mr Turnbull's NBN plan, three to four million Australian homes would have "exactly" the same work done on them as they would have under Labor's plan.

"But apparently that's just trivial," Senator Conroy said.

"Malcolm Turnbull should come clean."

Telstra has been accused of cutting corners in handing over infrastructure to the network builder NBN Co after contractors and communities raised fears they may have been exposed to the deadly material.

Telstra denies this, but the Labor government is under pressure from the coalition to explain when it knew about asbestos issues in the Telstra pits and ducts.

NBN Co is using the infrastructure to roll out fibre-optic cable for the broadband network.

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  • Of course Turnbull is lying, Conroy states the bleeding obvious to all except the simpletons over at The Australian. The coalition clowns are notorious for misinformation when it comes to the NBN. Sadly they don't even know which way to flop this week with the Telstra asbestos disaster. Watch Turnbull flounder about here: http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2013/s3774681.htm How utterly embarrassing. I don't have high hopes for their $30+ billion frauband plan after watching this.
    Hubert Cumberdale
    • Where's the lie?

      Conroy confirmed those properties receiving fibre will have the same issues; BUT those without wont; neither pit/duct nor household.

      Conroy the funniest man in politics today; pinup boy for modern Labor; nothing but Orwellian spin.
      Richard Flude
    • HC...

      ... what do you say about Richard's reluctance to face reality?

      He has said things...

      * Such as - we don't need government intervention because private enterprise will invest vs. the reason we are here is because Telstra didn't invest...

      * And once the NBN started "all" investment in comms stopped vs telling us, my company just finished a comms project.

      * Claiming it will cost $b's to roll out fibre (in relation to the small town thinking article) vs. previously telling us, my company rolls out fibre for under $10 per metre

      * Says the asbestos issue is NBNCos fault vs now saying no one denies it's Telstra's responsibility

      * Says copper is NOT obsolete vs. my company rolls out fibre.

      * Says he's a libertarian and copper is NOT obsolete vs no comment, when confronted with noted libertarian Steve Forbes saying copper IS obsolete and suggesting those who think otherwise are "stuck in the past". Here...


      That's just the ones where he has proven himself wrong...LOL

      Without including the likes of claiming the NBN is being incorrectly accounted for - WRONG.

      The 7.1% ROI is required to keep the NBN off budget- WRONG.

      Talking about OH&S - which has been WH&S for 18 months or so.

      Yet he says we are ignorant... PRICELESS.

      But now he runs like Forrest...run Forrest?
      • "Yet he says we are ignorant... PRICELESS."

        Well to be frank it is expected. I mean think about this, you have someone opposed to the NBN for political reasons, very flimsy to begin with but then they rely on misinformation from those that employ less than honest headlines to sucker the gullible. (and remember the end justifies the means too) what else can they do?

        Look at the glaring differences between us and them. We dared to be in favor of a FttP network covering 93% of Australia that will be of great use for a long time for everyone, not just a few. They criticise such a plan because of political reasons x, y & z and for emotional reasons a, b & c. We point out the even greater flaws in a plan they support and they take it very personally. Then they get all pissy and start "abusing" everyone for simply pointing out those facts.

        Ignorant regardless is an interesting word to use in this instance though;-)
        Hubert Cumberdale
        • Not facts

          Dare to be in favor of whatever; yet you provide nothing, getting pissy with every bit of bad news.

          As predicted NBNCo is a disaster. You nothing.
          Richard Flude
        • HC

          Have you noticed that our friend (ahem) simply ignores rather than admitting to his strange political/greed driven contradictions?

          I guess at least he gets 1/10 for not denyiing the undeniable... which frankly was my expectation :)
          • "I guess at least he gets 1/10 for not denyiing the undeniable... which frankly was my expectation :)"

            Hubert Cumberdale
      • Posting same BS again

        Pick one, provide links and your ignorance will again be exposed.
        Richard Flude
    • Welcome to Grounghog day...

      HC our friend (ahem) may as well just copy/paste his comment below (Obvious then; proven now)... as his every comment.

      Seriously this is all he ever really says and of course, then adds the inevitable link to the Australian, just to seal it... LOL

      Perhaps one day when he finally grasps the idea of forums/blogs (as you would know he has shown a very uneducated and childish reluctance towards the protocol of topical correspondence, previously)... he may actually add something to the discussion;-)
      • "he may actually add something to the discussion;-)"

        Much like the coalition clowns fraudband just dont expect too much;-)
        Hubert Cumberdale
  • Turnbull's Lateline Pronouncements

    Turnbull on yesterdays episode of Lateline stated that the new Liberal Government would not be installing any fibre to the home, that was up to "Future Governments".
    At last we've got the truth from Turnbull.
    He also stated that Labor's Shorten was conducting an asbestos scare campaign!
    Gee I thought it was the Opposition/News Limited with all their screaming and shouting yesterday in Parliament and pages of Newspaper bile.
    Turnbull's says the Liberals were going to largely leave asbestos where it is. He didn't explain who was going to be working in the asbestos pits installing his node cabinets and seemed to suggest that it would all be connected up without accessing the pits, he's obviously hired Samantha Stevens.
    Kevin Cobley
    • Kevin I think the most interesting thing to come from this is that Turnbull has practically confirmed that Telstra has "management issues". This is very concerning considering the coalition will try to sell NBN assets to Telstra as soon as they can should they win the election.
      Hubert Cumberdale
      • And

        M.T was stating NBN management was incompetent and was considering ex Telstra executives for management roles in his NBN
        Abel Adamski
        • Well that certainly would follow the theme Abel. Replace good with bad. Replace fibre with copper. For the coalition clowns going backwards is a way of life for them;-)
          Hubert Cumberdale
  • poor Mr Turnbull

    has not realised the pit fall of standing between a techo and a fibre connection. I wonder if the public at large really cares how broad band is delivered as long is the service delivered meets their expectations.
    Blank Look
    • Interesting to note

      The majority of Australians want a FttP network. This is obvious in many areas of social interaction. Everywhere from the majority of Turnballs own website feedback blogs, to many of my friends that work for telstra, too quite a few of my friends that think 12mbps is fine for them. It's not just tech heads. Its those with vision.
      • And i forgot the poles

        The politicians gold standard suggests that anywhere from 56% to 76% would prefer FttP over FttN.

        Not that I trust any of these myself.
  • The Rules have Been Set

    The Coalition and Their cheer squad have set the ground Rules which is a concern.
    Lies, Misinformation, Sabotage, Destruction, Diviseness,Conflict, Hatred, Extreme Bias, Selfishness, Greed, Bugger you Jack I'm All right.

    Doesn't matter who wins the election, no one wins. The losers may not have the Media or shock jocks in their pockets, but I am sure ways will be found.

    Note the exodus from the NBN is continuing and will accellerate as the time the dumb fools take power.
    With the challenges ahead, to put our Nations Communications infrastructure in the Hands of the private Sector , especially Telstra is going to be an unmitigated Disaster for the Nation -

    Expect a Divided angry people to work together knowing the vulnerable and less influential will be screwed over in tough times, get lost look after yourself.


    Comparing the volume of melt water 1979 versus2012, in simplest terms is 4.5 billion gallons of melted ice comparing the change since 79. Of course, each seasonal melt contributes its own amount of fresh water to the North Atlantic.

    Dr. Wally Broecker at Columbia’s Earth Institute warned us about thermohaline circulation slowdown disrupting the earth’s climates forever.

    Measurements of warm tropic Atlantic waters flowing north have been observed to be slowing down. That dynamic will shut down Western Europe into a deep freeze in winter and longer.

    The melt water and its impact on the thermohaline circulation deserves serious discussion.

    Do read the comments, expands on the consequences
    Abel Adamski
    • The dumb fools?

      You are of course referring to HC, RS and the other micro brained NBN evangelists that haunt this site.

      They all wack on about vision and the future and betray themselves as a band of little boys that all think the toy in a McHappy Meal is awesome value.

      Please keep up the dribble, it's priceless comedy. Thanks.
      • Gee

        Look what the cat dragged in...