Turnbull's done a 'great job': Conroy

Turnbull's done a 'great job': Conroy

Summary: Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has praised his opposition counterpart Malcolm Turnbull, saying he has done a "great job" in bringing the party out of the 19th century on telecommunications policy.


Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has praised his opposition counterpart Malcolm Turnbull, saying he has done a "great job" in bringing the party out of the 19th century on telecommunications policy.

Speaking at a telecommunications roundtable event in Sydney today, Conroy said he was optimistic that the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Competition and Consumer Safeguards) Bill 2009 would be passed in the next two weeks of parliament due in large part to Turnbull shifting Liberal Party policy in favour of the structural separation of Telstra.

"The good news is that, since the election, Malcolm Turnbull has done a great job in dragging the Liberal Party forward from the 19th century," he said. "He's adopted our 2007 policy. Give him another couple of weeks he may have it at 2010."

Conroy said he would negotiate with Turnbull around the amendments to the legislation he has proposed.

"Two of them I think are unnecessary. They were based on a perception I don't think he has quite right, I think we can resolve that. One of them is interesting, I'll have to consider. I just need to see the drafting of it. I'm looking forward to having that conversation," he said.

With the old Senate still in place, Conroy may need to secure the vote of outgoing Family First Senator Steve Fielding in order for the legislation to pass the upper house. However, Conroy was also optimistic there.

"Steve Fielding has given some indications to newspapers that he has softened his view. Not that he ever said he was opposed to it," he said, adding that Fielding had privately raised a few issues with him that he couldn't go into at the time.

Amendments or not, Conroy said that parliament was now in favour of the structural separation of Telstra.

"It was quite a historic shift a couple of weeks ago about the structure of this sector that got lost in a lot of the colour and movement. You've seen now the entire parliament behind the change of structure of this telco. Malcolm's done an extraordinary job."

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  • Liberals #1:- Think Turnabull's "FUSE" is running at an all time low..., wait !! think it improved, AWE DAMN IT blown again !! for f@k sakes..., cmon ppl lets replace it QUICK QUICK ! , OMFG ! think Joey Hockey just lost his 3rd one HURRY PEOPLE !!!

    Liberal #2:- SIR SIR SIR ! But what do we do about Abbbottt's its dead all along ?

    Liberal #1: MADAY MADAY we have a CODE YELLOW I REPEAT A CODE YELLOW @ Abbbottt, USE Malcolm's for now !, then take the spare off Dunston* should do for the rest of the campaign, OVER AND OUT !

    *"Dunston Checks In"
  • Can anybody tell me why it is necessary to go through all this BS about separating Telstra when it will happen automatically when the heads of Agreement is signed?
  • sydneyla,

    Simply because Labor's preference is 'revolution' not 'evolution.
    Vasso Massonic
  • If the other perennial Telstra basher - Michael Stutchbury, was right he must equally be right on his critique of the NBN colossus. Something that escapes this person.

    Vasso Massonic
  • Hey Vasso I know we lack the gigantic mental capacity of those who belittle us but I think we can take some solace in the fact that the OECD is in agreement.
  • And it seems Conroy changed praise to his usual lingo in the space of of a week-end. Maybe, he didn't hava good week-end!

    "Turnbull's done a 'great job': Conroy"

    "Senator Conroy used a lengthy and sometimes heated media conference to take aim at the coalition and The Australian newspaper.

    "You can't get the benefit (of the NBN) by adopting Malcolm Turnbull's patchwork quilt of old and failing technologies," he said. "

    Tse, Tse,Tse
    Vasso Massonic
  • Now tell us what Telstra thinks of the NBN?
  • $2.61, Tse, Tse, Tse...!

    BTW, just because Malcolm says the OECD supports you (supports you, who's you?) perhaps you should read it because it really says nothing different, than it did previously.

    In summary - the government did a great job in relation to the GFC, NBN should be very beneficial indeed, but will cost (risks) and will take time...!
  • Actually RS the Chinese did a great job in relation to the GFC, the government burnt down houses.
    Blank Look
  • Yes most enlightening, as usual...yawn!
  • well you obviously do not care about your fellow Australians
    Blank Look
  • RS when a robber puts a gun to your head and asks you to cooperate you usually do. So it is with Telstra. But the chickens always come home to roost and Labor must must make a better job of the NBN than they have with their Building Revolution and Burning Bats. This could get messy.
  • Visionary,

    Spot on mate, and proves my point all along. I (as a Telstra shareholder) take our National & Telecommunications Interest very seriously. It would be lucrative for me to support the NBN and thereby earn Telstra $11 billion to the possible detriment of of the industry and our economy.

    Yes, RS is right ("$2.61, Tse, Tse, Tse...!) my investment is somewhat underwater, but I don't care about that.
    Vasso Massonic
  • Yes... Telstra put a gun to Australia's head and insisted we cooperate and THIS government said no... you monopolistic bas***ds have had it too good for too long, we are the bosses here is how it is...hallelujah....!

  • Ooh Telstra puppets... firstly remember it was you and your smug Telstra, orientated idiocy which created the RS monster and even better - TLS today $2.58...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember when you all laughed at me for saying SingTel shares would (within a couple of years) overtake your more precious than life itself, TLS shares...!

    Well who's laughing now...? Enjoy those FURTHER losses!