TweetDeck Android, iOS apps will vanish from app stores in two weeks

TweetDeck Android, iOS apps will vanish from app stores in two weeks

Summary: Twitter has confirmed the date on which TweetDeck, the popular client for Twitter's power users, will complete its app support vanishing act.


TweetDeck, which Twitter acquired in 2011, has confirmed when its mobile apps will come off life support.

The company announced its plans to wind down support for the Android and iPhone app, as well as the TweetDeck AIR desktop app, back in March, but only said the cut off would occur in "early May".

TweetDeck said in an update to the original post that the apps will dropped from app stores on 7 May. 

"TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android and TweetDeck for iPhone will be removed from their respective app stores and will stop functioning on May 7. Our Facebook integration will also stop on May 7," it said.

Instead of mobile offerings, TweetDeck is focusing on developing the client as a web application and app for Chrome, noting that power users tend to rely on TweetDeck on the desktop, while preferring the Twitter client for mobile.

The PC and Mac TweetDeck clients remain supported, but they play second fiddle to the Chrome and web apps, which receive the latest capabilities first.

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  • Well I really hope they

    don't remove web TweetDeck too. Twitter just simply wants everyone going to their main site and apps, I don't blame them, but they need to beef up their site in order for that to happen.
    • The didn't say they would

      They just won't be supporting android of iOS.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • Tweet Deck / Air

    Last time I tried the newer non-Air TweetDeck, I didn't like it as much as the Air version. Based on what I've seen around the Internet, I'm not the only one.