Tweetings: Best Twitter app for Nexus 7 (and maybe any platform)

Tweetings: Best Twitter app for Nexus 7 (and maybe any platform)

Summary: I spend far too much time using Twitter and have tried just about every mobile Twitter app on every platform. Tweetings on the Nexus 7 may be the best Twitter app on any mobile platform.

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  • Full customization

    The settings in Tweetings allows full customization of the appearance and operation of the app. It is possible to set the app to stream the timeline in real-time, and notify you of actions as per your preferences.

  • Floating tweet button

    Normally the tweet button resides in the crowded top menu, but Tweetings lets you configure the much-used button into a floating control that is always just a tap away.

    When set, the Tweet button becomes an opaque control so you can see what (if anything) is underneath it, and entering a tweet is just one tap away no matter where in the app you might be.

    This is extremely useful and just one of many features that make Tweetings so personal in operation.

Topics: Apps, Android, Reviews

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  • I like Tweetro better

    Tweetro on windows 8 is awesome it makes searching an enjoyable experience. Also the built in web browser is very convenient. You can browse link without leaving the app and more importantly you search list. Best tweeter experience so far
  • 7

    How does this compete against the MetroTwit? (Isn't it stupid to change name of Metro to "Modern UI" when hundreds of apps use Metro in their name?)
    • Thanks

      Thanks for that, will try Tweeting on iOS the next days..
      Uwe Moeschel
  • Top 20 Android Apps of the week

    Tweetro is a gr8 app. I have been using it on my phone. I suggest you should also check out 20 other best Android apps of the week.
  • Try its parent Twidere

    The project, Twidere, started by me, is completely open source, Tweetings is based on Twidere however it just added some features like push, but it costs you $1.99.