Twisting Telstra's cloud ads

Twisting Telstra's cloud ads

Summary: Telstra has taken out print advertisements for its new cloud offering, but what are the ads really saying?

TOPICS: Cloud, Telcos, Telstra

Telstra has taken out print advertisements for its new cloud offering, but what are the ads really saying?

In an advert on the back page of today's AustralianIT section, Telstra shows a man in a business shirt, holding some cables and scratching his head to advertise that cloud would be better than the mess he'd made.

The ad, however, looks like it could be hilariously re-captioned to promote a completely different product, such as cable ties or anti-dandruff shampoo.

What could your new caption be? Check out the video to see the ad and leave us a comment about what the bewildered-looking datacentre man can spruik next.

Topics: Cloud, Telcos, Telstra

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  • Bruce! Did you get your patch cables and the licorice packets mixed up again?
  • Come on ZDNet, there are no doubt hundreds of ad's that could be 'hilariously' re-captioned, but why waste our time?! Having seen this one in the press, and having read more informed articles about Telstra's push into Cloud computing, I find the ad refreshingly direct and to the point...which is that most businesses are far better off outsourcing their data centre than trying to handle it themselves. Nice one Telstra!
  • This man is a Telstra/Bigpond IT Engineer.
    So we can't show you his face on television
    but you may be prompted to ask:
    'Does Telstra truly expect anyone to entrust their critical data, phone & net connections to a clueless gumby like you?'
    OK Rob? Tell us.

    Telstra, the provider more dissatisfied customers chose.