Twitter experiments with showing users their neighbours' tweets

Twitter experiments with showing users their neighbours' tweets

Summary: Twitter is testing a feature that allows users to see tweets made by people in the local area.


Twitter is reportedly testing a feature that shows users tweets made by people near to them.

The new Nearby timeline appears to have been added to the official Twitter mobile app for select users. To see the Nearby timeline users must have enabled their tweets to be stamped with their location, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The Nearby screen is described as being split into two parts, a map highlighting the location of the user and of nearby tweets and below that a timeline of tweets made by people near to the user. Nearby tweets are apparently shown regardless of whether the user follows the tweeter.

Users can reportedly scroll the map and the feature automatically pulls in tweets local to that area.

Twitter users have been able to add their location to tweets since 2010 but must chose to enable the service.

It is not known if Nearby is being tested ahead of a wider release. Twitter has declined to comment, but the social network has a history of trialling features with small groups of users before rolling them out more widely.

If Nearby is rolled out it would bring to Twitter aspects of the location-based social network Foursquare, which allows users to check out recommendations from friends and other users on what to do in the nearby area.

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  • Big Brother is watching you

    And will share everything with your neighbors and anyone else that wants to watch in this voyeuristic society. The media or companies are not responsible for what people watch they are just supplying product to meet the demand.
    • This feature is off by default

      I don't know why anyone would want to do this but at least it's a feature you have to turn on. No thanks though.
    • Wow

      You do realise that actors are people paid by voyeurs, simply specialists in the the art of being watched? Its what the majority aspire to, which is why they have X Factor and YouTube.

      Normal people like to be noticed, the rest either stand up and be noticed for their abnormality or hide it. I have synesthesia myself, and a disabled person to look after, so I understand what it is to be outside of normality. Twitter is inane nonsense and means nothing to me, and FaceBook is nearly as bad so I dont have accounts. You should try being stared at in public, when just walking out of your door becomes a statement you have no choice in posting.

      Majority is rarely right, but Twitter is just a toy for it. I could care less what most people think about what my neighbours might tweet, I talk to them most days and care what they think simply because they are my neighbours.

      If anything, some granularity might actually improve Twitter, but it wont change the content one little bit. On that I agree with you...
  • Yawn.....Twitter is less interesting as time goes on....

    Twitter is a fad that is becoming tiresome IMO.

    Canceled my account years ago and have never had a reason/desire to open it up again.

    To each his own, so enjoy if you like that sort of thing.
  • Doesn't this make it an Antisocial Media?

    Doesn't this make it an Antisocial Media?
    dumb blonde
  • This is not new

    Some of the 3rd party Twitter apps have been doing this for years. See Echofon...