Twitter in review 2012: The good, the bad, and the very ugly

Twitter in review 2012: The good, the bad, and the very ugly

Summary: A look back at some of the successes and victories, the bad times and controversies, and the downright ugly failures by Twitter and by its users, during 2012.


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  • Twitter has 140 million users, 400 million tweets

    The good: Pfffrrshhht sounds the party popper. Twitter turned six this year after co-founder Jack Dorsey's inaugural tweet. In the announcement, the microblogging site said it had 140 million active users per day sending more than 340 million tweets per day. Sure, it's not much compared to Facebook's one billion active monthly users, but for the social network underdog -- it certainly isn't bad.

    A few weeks later, however, Twitter said it hit the 400 million tweets per day milestone, mostly from mobile devices. Describing Twitter's mobile advertising platform as "doing delightfully well" by Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo, he added that the firm is still not considering an initial public offering on the markets any time soon.

  • Curiosity Mars Rover arrives on Mars, tweets it

    The good: After numerous attempts to get to Mars, the Curiosity Rover finally landed on the planet in August. From the surface of the Red Planet, the Rover tweeted: "I'm safely on the surface of Mars." But the expanded tweet was quickly retweeted -- more than 71,000 times in total -- just as it was exploited after it was meme'd after making a sexual innuendo about being "in" the Gale Crater.

    "Way to cheapen the whole experience," said one reply.

  • Barack Obama scores second term, most retweeted status ever

    The good: President Barack Obama scores a second term in the White House and in the space of a couple of hours, he smashes two Twitter records, one after the other. With just three words -- "Four more years" -- the President received more than 816,000 retweets in just a couple of days after he won the 2012 U.S. presidential election, after hours earlier smashing the same record with just a few thousand fewer retweets.

    What did it? It was likely that adorable picture of the president hugging his wife, Michelle, which has received worldwide fame. On Facebook, the same picture has close to 4.43 million 'likes'. All in all, with 20 million tweets in total, Election Day became the most tweeted about event in U.S. political history, Twitter said.

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