Twitter's road to an IPO, in pictures

Twitter's road to an IPO, in pictures

Summary: Much like the initial IPO announcement, Twitter defended its $1 billion fundraising goal with some significant Tweets. Let's flip through them.


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  • Twitter said it now has 218.3 million users on average per month, or 100 million daily active users. That has led to an average of 500 million tweets sent per day, or 300 billion tweets sent since the company launched seven years ago.

  • During the second quarter of calendar 2013, Twitter had 150.9 billion Timeline Views, up 69 percent from the previous quarter.

    Twitter defined Timeline Views as "as the total number of timelines requested when registered users visit Twitter, refresh a timeline or view search results while logged in on our website, mobile website or desktop or mobile applications."

    There are a few caveats to that definition. For example, witter clarified that these figures exclude TweetDeck and the Twitter client for Mac because Twitter does "not fully track this data."

  • Advertising is absolutely crucial to defending Twitter's value. Some of its more notable schemes include Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and most recently, targeted advertising tied to television programming.

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