Twitter's road to an IPO, in pictures

Twitter's road to an IPO, in pictures

Summary: Much like the initial IPO announcement, Twitter defended its $1 billion fundraising goal with some significant Tweets. Let's flip through them.


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  • Do you remember your first Tweet? Well, we all got a look at the first Tweet from anyone in Twitter's S-1 filing, courtesy of co-founder Jack Dorsey. He didn't even use up all of the 140-character spaces at his disposal.

    (He also appeared to be a fan of that Web 2.0/3.0 trend of dropping the vowels. Let's all rejoice that they kept those in the official moniker after all.)

  • Another use case touted by Twitter: an emergency response tool by government officials and relief organizations, as demonstrated by this Tweet sent by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg during Hurricane Sandy in November 2012.

  • Twitter as a real-time, breaking news service. Case in point: This Tweet sent by Twitter user Jānis Krūms immediately after US Airways Flight 1549 landed on the Hudson River near New York City in January 2009.

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