Twitter's road to an IPO, in pictures

Twitter's road to an IPO, in pictures

Summary: Much like the initial IPO announcement, Twitter defended its $1 billion fundraising goal with some significant Tweets. Let's flip through them.


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  • And let's not forget that being a social network, striking up a conversation is at the core of this platform. What differentiates Twitter from Facebook is that many of these conversations (even between celebrities) are public entertainment for all of us.

  • After winning the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, Twitter said this Tweet from President Obama's account was viewed approximately 25 million times.

  • More from Twitter about how it can prove to be engaging during live events, such as the blackout during the 2013 Super Bowl:

    Many individuals and organizations choose to break news first on Twitter because of the unique reach and speed of distribution on our platform. These events may be planned, like sporting events and television shows, or unplanned, like natural disasters and political revolutions. Users tweet about these events to entertain, editorialize, or commiserate and, in some cases, as a public service.

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