Two weeks with iPhone 5, Galaxy Note 2, and HTC announcements (MobileTechRoundup show #278)

Two weeks with iPhone 5, Galaxy Note 2, and HTC announcements (MobileTechRoundup show #278)

Summary: I have had the iPhone 5 for two weeks and offered up some thoughts while Kevin tempted me with his new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. HTC also made Android and Windows Phone 8 announcements.


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A lot has happened in the mobile space since Kevin and I were last able to record so we started off MobileTechRoundup show #278 with our thoughts on using the Apple iPhone 5. Other topics discussed include:

  • Galaxy Note 2 hands on
  • BlackBerry Jam / BB 10
  • HTC announces the HTC One X+, Windows Phone 8X and 8S
  • Smartphone exclusives suck!

Topics: Mobility, Android, Apple, HTC, iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung

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  • I REALLY dislike podcasts only

    I DO NOT have an hour to listen to stuff I may not be interested in. With a transcript, I can look at headings and skim the text, looking for stuff I want to read.

    There MUST be speech recognition SW that can provide a transcript with minimal cost and time investment.

    Why on earth do bloggers keep doing this? What happened to good old "customer" service and trying to meet the "customers'" needs? This is either ignorant or arrogant, or both.
    • OTOH

      I found listening to Podcasts while travelling (well when not at the steering) worth try. I agree I also don't want to listen while I could read definitely though. May be I am generation old. :-(
      Ram U
    • Uh Oh

      He capitalized some words. It's... serious.

      At times like these, perhaps a little bit of historical perspective is called for. Back in the 1930s, before television, newspaper columnists who had a base in New York City, such as Walter Winchell and Ed Sullivan, would also syndicate and pick up readers in smaller towns. As radio emerged as a national medium, they would also have radio shows. Much of the content was a restatement of the columns they wrote, but there must have been something that one could not get in the newspapers.

      Thus, they did transcriptions.

      Except they didn't.

      Sorry the world is stepping over you, but I don't see it changing.

      Though, if there were enough people like you, I'd look into Kickstarting a Podcast Transcription Service. It might be the million dollars I just left on the table.
      • I guess

        Using technology to make tasks more efficient/effective for more people is a strange concept to you.

        Perhaps a gardening or home craft site would be more up your alley.
  • Agreed

    I wanted to read an article, not spend an hour skimming over a bunch of things I didn't want to hear about only to hear what I could have easily (and much faster) found in a text article.
  • Podcast only just doesn't cut it!

    Not a good idea to have podcast only. BTW, you guys didn't really demonstrate a good knowledgeable of these products. I was very disappointed to say the least. Could't stand to listen to the end. I'll be consulting some other tech site for my tech news. You should use technology to make things easier for people and you should be more knowledgeable about the products you're reviewing.