U.S. Apple iPhone ownership hits 42 percent, says NPD

U.S. Apple iPhone ownership hits 42 percent, says NPD

Summary: While Android dominates as an operating system, the Apple iPhone continues to be the smartphone of choice in the U.S.


In my daily life as a train commuter and observer in Seattle, it is clear that most people in the U.S. are using Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone smartphones. Today's NPD Group report highlights a smartphone duopoly with Apple capturing 42 percent of the market with Samsung trailing. 


The iPhone 5s is a fantastic device and for many friends and family and I recommend it as a safe choice. Why? Ease of use.  You can count on regular updates, solid performance, accessible store support, and the latest and greatest applications.

From the fourth quarter of 2012 to 2013, Apple saw an ownership increase from 35 percent to 42 percent while Samsung went from 22 percent to 26 percent. LG saw a slight increase while Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry, and others all decreased year over year. HTC's ownership rank tanked 12 percent to 5 percent despite a strong HTC One device. 

The report also showed increased data usage with music services being the key driver. Nearly all of my music is now streamed with Google Play, Songza, and Slacker. Pandora continues to be the most popular music app in the fourth quarter of 2013 with iHeart Radio, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, and Slacker Radio rounding out the top five.

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  • Definitely shaping up as a two horse race in US

    Samsung and Apple both gained share. Looks like everyone else lost some.
    • That was obvious

      for awhile now. Samsung is only company that's making money with android. But with Ballmer gone there's hope for windows still.
      new gawker
  • Apple is the best.

    Virtually everyone I know who has an Android device (sans Samsung...for some reason they all went elsewhere and I know not a single person who owns a Samsung) is hating on it. Fully 50% of those will choose the iPhone next time around.
    • I don't understand

      Virtually everyone you know who has an Android device is hating it, why would on;y half of them buy an iPhone.

      What are the rest going to buy, or will they stick with Android?
      • The Implications

        1) The other 50% will try Samsung.
        2) The other 50% will go Windows Phone.
        3) The other 50% will stay with what they have.
        4) Some combination of Samsung, Nokia, or stay pat.

        Does it matter any way? It's anecdote and when the time comes to purchase, everyone in DontUseMicrosoftAtAll's circle will make their choices based on many factors, hate of a past version of Android being only one and perhaps not as motivational as the mobile os cheerleaders suggest.
        • Given that Nokia does not even show up on this list as a category

          I think "50% will go with Windows Phone" is not an implication in any way at all. I was actually rather surprised they did not make the list; it seems like Nokia's success has been in other markets.
    • Virtually everyone you know should get a life

      If you love or hate your device you're putting too much thought into something that doesn't matter that much.
      A Gray
    • Anecdotal but not terribly surprising

      My own anecdotal finding is that, of the people I know who bought Android phones over iPhone, none of them cited the reason as being "they felt Android was a better phone". It is almost invariably "They wanted to save money and Android was cheaper". Followed by "I didn't want to get tied up to the Apple ecosystem". You bought the phone because it was cheaper, not because you really wanted it. And you're disappointed? And we're not surprised.
      • screen

        The new htc one was $599 the reason i switch was screen size and apps
      • bigger screen..

        lot's of people just want a bigger screen.
        new gawker
        • I would count....

          Those that bought their Android phone because "it had a bigger screen" mostly among the 50% number quoted above who did not hate their Android phone ;)
      • iPhone is just...

        A shoddy device. its so limited and shitty... its about to come out with its what? 8th revision? and now its about as good as an android phone from a few years ago....
        The only thing is that alot of Android phones got worse instead of better. iPhone isnt getting better. Its a pile of crap and always has been.
        • So which troll are you?

          A new one or one of the older ones with a new nick name? Owl"net, Loverock Davison, William.Farrell?
    • Yes they still choose the iPhone

      ... till they look at the price tag :-)
      You want to bet with me iPhone will not go over 60% share in the US in the following 5 years?... and I'm being your friend because 50% of current android share is about 25%.
    • Stats

      81% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
  • Wow

    Nobody's tried to discredit the source of the data yet? That could be a ZDNet record (or a sign that the apocalypse is coming) for any story regarding smartphone market share.
    • its true

      not sure where they are getting this data, but I have seen alot of iPhones again recently, guess everyone took their RDF retard pills again.
      • Nope, they just got tired of dealing with Android.

        It can be that painful.
        • Android is far too complex for the average user

          and far too laggy. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and another Android tablet, both of which can be rather frustrating at times. And, if that is not enough, then there are the ridiculous delays waiting for the OS for devices to be updates. How long has Android 4.4 Kit Kate been available and yet I still wait and wait and wait and wait . . .
        • New to smart phone customers

          Many of these new iPhone customers are probably on their second smart phone. They bought a cheap "Android" phone thinking it will be just like their friends smart phone (iPhones). Only to realize later that the screen res is horrid, comes with only 1gb of storage, can't take good quality pics, doesn't have the same quality accessories like an iPhone etc. etc. Then they look at other high end phones from Samsung, HTC which cost almost as much as an iPhone. Shoot! Why not just get the iPhone!