Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2: Preview

Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2: Preview

Summary: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) is shaping up to be a controversial release, with a solution for dual-booting with Windows 8 and a new online scope for Dash search providing Amazon shopping suggestions.


Software Updater


The Software Updater has been simplified and removed from the System control menu (accessed through the gear icon at the extreme top right of the display). Software Updater is now treated like any other application and is accessed via Dash. On launching, rather than requiring the user to initiate checks by clicking on a Check button, Software Updater now immediately checks for updates. The status display is simpler and smaller and shows just a moving status bar. With checks complete, details of the available updates are displayed. By default the technical descriptions of the updates are not shown. To install any available updates, users must confirm by clicking the Install Now button.

This status display appears immediately the Software Updater is launched. Clicking Stop gives access to the Settings button without waiting for completion of the update process.
Once the update process has completed, the list of available updates is displayed.
This message appears once the update process completes. The update settings can be accessed from here.
The tabbed update settings (titled 'Software Sources') dialogue loses the Statistics tab, but now includes an Additional Drivers tab. Additional Drivers no longer appears in the System Settings panel.

Messaging menu


If there are no messaging related applications installed, such as Gwibber or Empathy, the Messaging menu now hides. Chat status is displayed via a new indicator at the bottom right corner of the Messaging envelope icon.

New versions for the bundled applications


A new Linux distribution release is always an opportunity to update to more recent versions of the bundled applications. In Ubuntu 12.10, for example, LibreOffice is incremented to version and — although it's not installed by default — GIMP to version 2.8.

The indications from Beta 2 are that the release of Ubuntu 12.10, scheduled for 18 October, may make more of a splash than initially expected. According to the release schedule, further development freezes with the second beta, from which point only bug fixes and polishing should occur before the final release. However, there may be further adjustments to features such as the Amazon results for Dash search. Look out for our review of the final release in October.

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  • Welcome the number and pace of new features

    Controversial or not, features are being added by the truckloads!!

    I strongly recommend that people who use Ubuntu must read this excellent free Manual: http://ubuntu-manual.org/ Its very important to let others know about these helpful features that people have worked so hard to make.
  • Ubuntu is very good.

    And its updated twice a year, so we home users do not have to wait for "enterprise" to be ready to accept new version of OS.

    THERE IS EASY WAY TO REMOVE AMAZON LENSE ALREADY. Its just add on, you remove it as such. Via Ubuntu Software Center or by command line. Like 1 minute of work.

    Time will tell how Canonical devs will integrate various services out there.
    • Ubuntu is very bad ... (morality wise)

      Amazon lense should not have to be removed. It should be opt-in instead of opt-out. I don't appreciate Canonical stealing commissions I would rather give to my favorite merchant. I like to visit a non-profit site that is provided commissions from their links to amazon.com which help them stay alive, and I do not like Canonical stealing those commissions with their links embedded in their operating system. I'll never use them again until they either take this code completely out of their code base, or make it an opt-in option that has to intentionally be installed. Non-techies will be providing Ubuntu with amazon.com commissions without even knowing it.
      • morality

        Valid if you paid for your Unbuntu release copy. I agree it is probably not the best way to handle it but would think that Unbuntu has to make money somewhere or there would be no copy to download.
      • Morality?

        You don't have to click on the links .. easy as. Take the suggestions and go off to your favourite non-profit if you wish.
      • perspective (or lack thereof)

        Monsanto and their peers are using any political connection they can to take control of the food production worldwide, Fortune 500 companies are taking over the electoral process, you'll soon be owing your soul to the company store (like the rest of us schmucks), and you worry about this?
  • Unbuntu release

    The general public really does not care. I don't care and I use Unbuntu for my home server.
  • Just wait...

    Wait for some other blogger who at the moment is desperately looking for words and links to praise this release.
  • Welcome to ZDnet Terry!

    Steven's stuff usually just descends into a flamefest, great write up!
  • Welcome to ZDnet Terry!

    Steven's stuff usually just descends into a flamefest, great write up!
  • Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2: Preview

    Still looks ugly but linux was never known for being pretty. The problem we have here is that Canonical has no direction. You would be crazy to install linux when they have no road map. This "throw it at the wall and see what sticks" approach does not work especially in the linux community where no one can decide on a single feature. Not only that but they sold out to Amazon so now you have two companies getting your personal information. No thanks, I wouldn't want that. The only good side to all this is that linux is on that downward spiral due to reasons previously stated and hopefully will be abolished completely within a few years.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Are you retarded?

      90% of all servers around the world are Linux based. You can crap on Ubuntu. But you sound so stupid when you use the word Linux. Tivo,Android,NASA servers, Tablets, He stupid the firmware on your router is probably written in Linux. Well I will stop I expected better from you.
      • And this is how the linux community reacts

        And you wonder why linux growth has halted, its because of attitudes like yours. Maybe you should take my words and improve linux instead of insulting people. I'm here to help you. And all these items you listed I'm pretty sure they don't run ubuntu on them because the company and its linux os is a mess.
        Loverock Davidson-
        • Help?

          So which version of Ubuntu are you running? Or you just lying to us again on a subject that you have little experience with.
          • Kubuntu 12.10 Beta-1

            Beta-2 should ship tonight.
            Marco Parillo
          • Kubuntu Beta 2 is listed from the link in article

          • It's option B, T1Oracle...

            I think he gets a bit of a thrill when people respond to his ignorance. It's one of those "LR invites abuse: it would be impolite not to accept" moments.

            I better go compile my next download of Ubuntu - maybe we could get LR to give us some pointers, since that's what he does. Anyone that says " The only good side to all this is that linux is on that downward spiral due to reasons previously stated and hopefully will be abolished completely within a few years...." clearly has lost touch with reality.


          • agreement

            i agree with you fully. :)
          • version

            hes probably using the POS windows or worse mac

            lets just say that anyone that disses Linux isnt using it or is using it the wrong way
        • please

          This is how most commenters on ZDNet respond to your flamebait. Nothing unique or different about how Linux blog followers react to you.

          Stop acting like an innocent victim, troll.