Ubuntu 14.04: Smoother than earlier versions (Gallery)

Ubuntu 14.04: Smoother than earlier versions (Gallery)

Summary: It's smooth, pretty, and, in short, it's the nicest Ubuntu Linux desktop that's ever been.


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  • Ubuntu 14.04

    The new Ubuntu "Trusty Tahr" 14.04 with its Unity 7 desktop, looks pretty much like the last few versions of Ubuntu, but it actually works much more smoothly than earlier iterations.

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  • Ubuntu with Firefox

    Ubuntu is still using Firefox for its default Web browser. If that doesn't work for you, you
    can always add a new Web browser, such as Chromium—the open-source version of Google Chrome—
    from the Ubuntu Software Center.

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  • OMG!!!! Is there a new picture viewer???

    That is the big news.
    • LTS, next 2 years.

      Nope, it's the same picture viewer, but a newer version :p
      Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is a real LTS release. Many small perfection improvements from Canonical and the community. Also, Nvidia did a great job with the new driver.
      You will see many things in the next 2 years. Unity 8 for the desktop, Mir, ubuntu phones/tablets shipping, etc.
  • Windows user since Windows 95

    I have been a Windows user since Windows 95. I got to say, Ubuntu is a pretty decent OS and nearly on the same level as Windows. It offers all the same things to end users as Windows does. I tried Ubuntu out many times, and it feels fresher and some ways better. For a free and robust OS, Ubuntu gives you a lot of great features and it works well on older hardware also. I am not saying Windows is irrelevant with all of these very capable OS alternatives, but Microsoft needs to reduce the licensing costs of Windows for all PCs.
    Pollo Pazzo
    • I installed version 13.X Suacy Salamander recently...

      - and one should be forewarned that the Unity user interface is a cow, in other words its a resource hog and terribly slow, particularly if your PC has a limited amount of memory and/or your system uses the integrated graphics built into the motherboard.

      Actually, regardless of what system you have, you should most definitely install one of the other user interfaces. You'll get MUCH better performance with no loss of features, and a desktop that is more familiar to most people (easier to learn). I use and recommend the LXDE user interface.
  • Not the Nicest Version of Ubuntu

    Because it uses Unity which has the distinction of sucking and blowing at the same time. Horrible worthless use of bits.
  • Unity isn't for everyone.

    I don't use Ubuntu because I don't like Unity either. The beauty of GNU/Linux is you can replace the user interface, or simply choose a distribution that is preconfigured with your prefered interface. For me it was Linux Mint KDE. GNU/Linux has always been about choice.
  • Not a Unity fan

    Like just basic Gnome. But frankly most of these UIs are just so... retro looking like something from 10+ years ago. I have seen some beautiful Linux GUIs but those have mostly been heavily mod'ed ones with Rainmeter and such.
    Rann Xeroxx
  • Ugly

    The top bar is solid brown the side bar is translucent blue. The buttons down the right look too big. Too much discombobulated junk chroming of the desktop. It's ugly.
    Time Agora
    • Clearly not for you

      Others may not feel the same way as you. Folks can choose, No?
  • Can you move the damn dock to the bottom?

    That's a major irritant with me. I don't like crap hanging on the side of the screen.
    • Given your moniker...

      ...not much of a surprise (bottom would be what you're used to). One of the things I like about XFCE is you can put your panels whereever you like (but I don't mind MATE putting the main panel on top of the screen; kind of reminds me of OS/2 Warp 4... now if I could only get PM-style window buttons in something besides IceWM).
      John L. Ries
      • Cairo Dock

        is an option, but it would be easier just to move the dock. I have never understood why Shuttleworth is so adamant about the fixed positioning.
        • re; fixed positioning

          “I think the report actually meant that the launcher should be movable to
          other edges of the screen. I'm afraid that won't work with our broader
          design goals, so we won't implement that. We want the launcher always
          close to the Ubuntu button.”

          “status wontfix”


          • I do have trouble...

            ...with developers who put their "broader design goals" ahead of the wants and needs of their users. You can't please everyone, but if it's easy to let people use your system the way *they* want to, then why not?

            In the end, it's the job of developers to serve users, not the other way around.
            John L. Ries
          • Ubuntu design

            Thanks to the fixed positioning of the launcher as a design choice, it is now instantly recognizeable. For example, in some news story, when you'll get a brief glance on somebody's screen, then you'll immediately recognize it - that's Ubuntu they're using!
          • So this is an advertising gimmick?

            Not impressed.
            John L. Ries