Ubuntu for Android arrives: In pictures

Ubuntu for Android arrives: In pictures

Summary: Canonical has shown ZDNet the new Ubuntu for Android platform, which provides a context-sensitive version of Ubuntu that runs when an Android smartphone is connected to a monitor

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  • Ubuntu for Android provides access to media created and stored on a smartphone

    Ubuntu for Android also provides access to all the media stored on the device (pictured) and will show which Android apps are installed.

    You cannot currently install apps from the Android Market onto a device while docked, but Canonical's Collins said there was no reason that this functionality could not be added at a later date.

    Naturally, docking a smartphone with Ubuntu for Android brings up Ubuntu's own music and video playback software. It also uses standard Ubuntu apps for things like managing photos — Shotwell, in this case.

    Image credit: Ben Woods/ZDNet UK

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  • Ubuntu for Android Ubuntu One access

    Silber added that as it is essentially the standard Ubuntu platform, there's no need to recompile apps to run specifically on it. The software also plugs into the Ubuntu One platform, giving access to its cloud storage and services. Ubuntu One, along with things like text messaging and emailing, is directly accessible from the top-right hand menu (pictured).

    Canonical expects the first Ubuntu for Android devices to be offered in a bundled package with a dock included, but Silber said that was a decision that would need to be made by the specific manufacturer. She could not say which companies had signed deals to produce handsets running Ubuntu for Android, nor when the first devices would arrive.

    Silber added that while updates could follow the standard desktop Ubuntu update schedule, for security patches as well as new features, operators and manufacturers could have the final say in when the updates ultimately roll out.

    Image credit: Ben Woods/ZDNet UK

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Topic: Mobility

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  • As a person who uses Ubuntu almost everyday I am very happy. Ubuntu is going to shake things up! The word CompPhone needs to be coined.
  • If they can pull it off with phone manufacturers, this could be the back door for relatively widespread adoption of Ubuntu: who wouldn't want a free desktop computer as well as a phone?
    Jake Rayson
  • this would llitterly be a pocket pc!!!!!