UK iPad to sell at modest premium on US prices

UK iPad to sell at modest premium on US prices

Summary: Apple has revealed the UK pricing for its hit tablet computer, which is due to go on sale here on 28 May


Apple has announced UK pricing for its iPad tablet, to be released here and in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Switzerland on 28 May.

The Wi-Fi-only version of the device, which first went on sale in the US on 3 April, will cost £429 for the lowest capacity of 16GB, while the 3G version will cost £529 for the same capacity, or £365 and £450 before VAT. By contrast, US customers are paying pre-sales tax prices $499 (£340) and $629 (£428) for the same models, respectively, meaning UK buyers face a basic product price of between five and seven percent higher.

More than a million iPads have been sold in the US alone since launch. According to Apple, more than 12 million apps and more than 1.5 million e-books have been downloaded for the device so far.

The Wi-Fi-only models of the iPad will cost £429 for 16GB capacity, £499 for 32GB and £599 for 64GB. The Wi-Fi-plus-3G models will cost £529 for 16GB, £599 for 32GB and £699 for 64GB. Pre-orders will be taken from 10 May.

Also on Friday, Orange announced its pricing for iPad 3G data usage — Vodafone and O2 are expected to follow suit on Monday.

Orange will charge according to a "pay for what you use" model, the operator said. This will entail a charge of 5p per megabyte of data, up to a maximum of £40 each month. Bundles will also be available, at £2 for a day's usage up to 200MB, £7.50 for a week's usage up to 1GB, £15 for 3GB a month, or £25 for 10GB a month.

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  • I am confused. £429 is over 25% increase compared to the US price of £340, not 5 or 7% as Mr Meyer reported. Am I missing something? 25% is hardly a 'modest' premium...
  • he's comparing the pre-sales prices.
  • Remember though Americans pat 10% sales tax, so the device is $40-$70 more expsensive by the time you get to the till. This may be where the adjusted 5-7% figures comes in. Not a massive concern for me as I will be pre ordering one on Orange anyway :)
  • What's that you say.... Apple are ripping off it's customers?

    Hardly anything new is it, they'll still sell by the bucketload because apple fans need them in their lives. Why just have an iphone when you can have an iphone AND a big ipod!?
  • Interesting costs for data use as well. I get unlimited data with o2 for £5 a month, and thanks to and others I use a heck of a lot, that's going to be veeerrrry expensive for the fan boy to replicate on the same network if o2 go Orange's route.
  • Sales Tax in America varies by state. The average is normally around 7%. Because of this, all prices on Apple's store are exclusive of Tax, so to perform a like for like comparison you would need to look at the UK price minus VAT.

    Of course, if you know which US states have 0% sales tax (eg. New Hampshire) then you may want to look at picking one up over there.