UK iPhone users reveal thirst for news and email

UK iPhone users reveal thirst for news and email

Summary: A ComScore report reveals that British iPhone users have an appetite for news that exceeds the average phone user, while many depend on the handset for picking up email

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The iPhone has apparently turned British users into news and email junkies.

A report by market watchers ComScore found that 80 percent of iPhone users in the UK get news and information through their mobile browser.

iPhone users appear to have a thirst for news that exceeds the average phone user — just 20 percent of whom get their news on their handset's browser — and even smartphone users, where the percentage of mobile news consumers stands at 48 percent.

The biggest gap in mobile media consumption, however, comes with email. According to ComScore, 75 percent of iPhone users get their mail through their handset — more than double the 35 percent of other smartphone users that do the same, and more than five times the 13 percent of all mobile users that pick up their email on the go.

ComScore believes the high level of email usage among iPhone users is not replicated on smartphones as a whole because of the dominance of Nokia's N95 — a device without a Qwerty keyboard, and therefore one not ideally suited to emailing.

According to O2, the only UK operator to carry the iPhone, around a million of the devices have been sold to date.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Users drive future development

    When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone he claimed "the killer app is making calls." The Comscore findings would suggest that users have found many other uses for their iPhones. Of course this is not the first time that Apple has introduced a product that owes its success to applications other than those first intended. Indeed, many innovations have enjoyed success for similar reasons. As Douglas Adams wrote: "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be."

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