UK LinuxWorld show postponed until spring

UK LinuxWorld show postponed until spring

Summary: The organiser says the move is to avoid overlap with next week's Linux Kernel Developers Summit, but doubts have been expressed


The UK's LinuxWorld conference, due to happen in October at London's Olympia conference centre, has been postponed till spring 2008.

No new dates have been announced and the organiser, IDG World Expo, has blamed the move on feedback from sponsors that the event was too close to the Linux Kernel Developers Summit in Cambridge next week. "By delaying the show, we will be able to ensure that the content and programme are a true reflection of the needs of the Linux and open-source communities," an announcement on the LinuxWorld site stated.

Linux users in the UK are sceptical about the reason: "I'd be surprised if there's a single person who'll be at both," said Linux kernel hacker Dave Jones on his blog, expressing doubts that there was much overlap in visitors or sponsors.

The Linux Kernel Developers Summit takes place on 4 to 6 September in Cambridge, sponsored by the Usenix group and vendors including IBM, NetApp, HP, Oracle, Google, Intel, Dell, EMC, and SGI. Also part of next week's Linux activities in Cambridge is LinuxConf, also sponsored by Usenix, and run by UKUUG and GUUG, the UK and German Unix user groups, with sponsorship from Intel and Google, as well as media sponsors LinuxUser & Developer, and Linux Magazine.

IDG World Expo did not respond to enquiries before publication time.

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  • Not healthy

    LinuxWorld has been shrinking slowly for several years. It shows how weak it is that a show in 'the regions' can blow it out of the water so easily.
  • Why? Is the UK a Linux backwater?

    If the show really has been in decline, I'd be interested to know why.

    Interest in Linux has never been higher, and there are plenty of hot topics (mobile Linux, desktop Linux, enterprise Linux) where a well-designed event could stand out.

    Is it just that the UK is not regarded as a good centresource of Linux expertise?
    (excepting the Cambridge event, of course).

    Peter Judge