12 Days of ‘Staircase Wit’ for 2013 (Day 4)

12 Days of ‘Staircase Wit’ for 2013 (Day 4)

Summary: Rather than end the year with a ‘best of’ list or predictions for 2014, I’ll be delivering 12 days of holiday gifts to you in the form of treppenwitz: all the afterthoughts I had all year.

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Treppenwitz or perhaps more correctly ‘l’esprit de l’escalier’ is the expression for when you think of the perfect thing to say, but long after the moment you should have said it. In this series of blogs I given myself a second chance to comment or correct topics I’ve covered this year.


Much Ado About Showrooming

Getting Commerce Right with Mobile

I considered the impact of mobile on commerce in two of my April posts. Clearly, more retailers are getting mobile right, as 2013’s cyber Monday saw 19.5% increase in mobile payments. And, in what is a constant theme in this blog, SMS had a big impact on black Friday. As Best Buy explains in the linked article,

In this strategy, …Best Buy is urging consumers to opt into its SMS database so that they will be able to receive the latest information regarding the opportunities that will be available to them on Black Friday and the entire holiday shopping season. From that time, shoppers can choose whether or not to continue to receive mobile marketing texts.

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Diarmuid Mallon is the Director, Global Marketing Solutions & Programs – Mobile, which includes the SAP Mobile Services division and SAP Mobile solutions. He has worked in the mobile industry since 1996. Follow him here at ÜberTech and @diarmuidmallon.

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