A photo tour of Digital Realty's newest London datacentre

A photo tour of Digital Realty's newest London datacentre

Summary: Digital Realty has opened up a new Tier 3 datacentre 17 miles south west of the capital.


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  • Global strategy

    Digital Realty CEO Michael Foust said that London is one of the most important markets in Europe due to its strong commercial and financial sectors. 

    The company, which is also building a new 10MW datacentre for Rackspace, has plans for more datacentres across Europe.

    "We are delivering new datacentre facilities in London with this new site, but we are also full in Amsterdam, and are very keen to build there as soon as we can," Foust, said at the launch. "We are also looking at Frankfurt and have a new development site in Dublin, because we are almost full in that market. But London is certainly our biggest and most important of the European markets."

    Foust said Digital Realty is also "looking very hard" at Osaka, in Japan, and is considering potential partnerships in China, though these developments are still very early stages.

    He told ZDNet the demand for managed services and the need for large companies to move into outsourced infrastructure facilities to overcome the constraints of traditional in-house datacentres is leading to an increased need for retail datacentres offerings. "We are seeing the outsourcing trend really picking up steam, in particular around the datacentre world," Foust said.

    "We are seeing a lot of companies in the financial services, energy, healthcare, consumer products now looking to outsource their facilities, and seeing a trend for companies consolidating different departments, especially in large corporations where every department would have had their own datacentre, often in a high rise office building. These are often very awkward places to have a datacentre and impossible to expand."

  • Resilience

    This new facility in South West London completes Digital Realty's 'Surrey Triangle', which includes sites in Woking and Redhill.

    Each of the datacentres are connected to each other so that a backup from another site can be provided in case of an outage.

    However, all of the sites have been designed with a certain level of resilience built in. For example, Chessington has diverse network feeds and power supplies that enter the property from opposite ends in case one of the feeds experiences a problem.

    The site is protected by a range of security features, including 29 round-the-clock CCTV cameras a raised perimeter fence and 24/7 manned gate. Access to the datacentre is controlled by key cards and biometric sensors. 

    Datacentre resilience is measured on a tiered scale that goes from one to four, with one being the least resilient and four being the most. A Tier 3 datacentre has an expected availability of 99.982 percent uptime and features such as a dual power supply, in line with standards set by the Telecommunications Industry Association.

  • Five data halls

    Each data hall has staging workspace for technical operations, with lift access, power and cooling facilities throughout.

    The vast data halls are also kept cool with the help of 14 CRAC (computer room air conditioning) units that can be found operating in an N+2 configuration (providing back ups) in each of the 10,000 square foot pristine data halls. 

    The datacentre halls are raised 4m above ground level and have an 800mm raised floor. The floor can take loads of up to 12.5KN/m².

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