Apple pulls Samsung 'apology' statement from UK site - but where's the replacement?

Apple pulls Samsung 'apology' statement from UK site - but where's the replacement?

Summary: The company has removed a court-baiting statement about Samsung copying the iPad from its website, after the court told it to. However, it is yet to put up the correct statement that the court wants.


Apple has removed its court-baiting Samsung statement from its UK website, after being ordered by a judge to try again.

Apple apology
Apple has removed its 'apology' to Samsung from its website. Image: CNET UK

The company was originally ordered in July to publicly state on its website that Samsung's tablets did not copy the iPad. After failing to reverse the decision on appeal, Apple put up a statement in late October that paid lip service to the ruling but still insisted Samsung was copying it.

Unsurprisingly, the court ordered Apple on Thursday to stop breaching its order, remove the incorrect statement and put up a compliant one — this time on the front page of its UK site, rather than on another page linked to from that front page.

The non-compliant statement came down from the website on Friday morning, although it has not as yet been replaced with a proper statement.

However, Apple has published a dry but court-friendly statement in UK newspapers.

"Apple tried to argue that they followed the letter of the law in the original notice… but there is something called the spirit of the law too, and if you follow one and thumb your nose at the other, things can go wrong, because people notice," patent expert Pamela Jones noted on her Groklaw blog.

"Judges are not stupid. Not that I believe what Apple did obeyed the letter of the law either. Nor did the judge in the UK," Jones added. "It's never all right to show disrespect to a court of law, and lawyers above all others should take the lead in demonstrating that respect."

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  • They have 48 hours for replacement message

    The deadline was 24 hours for removing the misleading statement - they have an additional 24 hours to post the correct version. Apple will probably update at the end of 23 hours, 59 mins and 59 seconds.

    The print version of the apology has already appeared in today's Guardian, and it looks properly drafted. Hopefully the online version will be the same, and no more pranks.
    • I don't understand WHY US News outlets are not reporting Apple's

      replacement apology' statement in UK !!!! It was all over on Korean News early Friday AM !!!! it's too embarrassment for got b-i-t-c-h slapped ? LOL Koreans were mocking arrogant Apple !!!
      Sonya Km
  • Lol Apple behaving like a spoiled brat

    They did wrong, they are wrong and have been caught.

    They also will lose the only victory they got in CA. patents that gave them the 1B have been thrown out by the patent office, starting with rubber banding. Wouldn't it be nice to see the US courts force Apple to do the same?
    • Apple Victories

      Apple has had victories elsewhere outside the US. Hoping Cali gets overturned, because most if not all those patents should not have been granted, but mystified still at why Samsung didn't pull out a Palm device, since several of the issues would have been helped. For example, the Palm or Vision email app uses the same icon that Apple does, as well as a functionally identical home screen to iOS, but predates iPod and iPhone by a decade.
      • Square icons in a grid pattern - unique?

        While Apple's execution of computing concepts has been exceptional in the smartphone & tablet markets, there is absolutely nothing unique about a square device with square icons in a grid pattern. The look & feel of other aspects of the Apple UI are unique, but those aspects (buttons, screen layouts, etc.) have not been copied by Samsung (or Google).

        When companies are no longer innovative, they try to defend their old turf. Time will tell if it's successful, but the most innovative approach in the market right now is the new Windows 8/RT/Phone interface.
        • yeah - very true.

          if you think that copying from the LeapFrog pad device is unique. Microsoft and WP8 and Windows 8 = FAIL.
          • Yeah...

            You sound very credible with a screen name "DontUseMicrosoftAtAll". You're a walking FUD machine, and it's not hard to tell with that screen name.
  • I just hope these snotty bastards get sued and penalized more for this.

    When a court orders something, you do it it. The negotiation is done at that point.
  • Maximum Overtroll!

    Let's just say I got a good laugh out of their original 'apology'. It really did make them look like an extremely snobby spoiled brat.
  • Apple's contempt

    Apple has been forced to remove the lies in its public apology to Samsung.

    *** It seems they deliberately posted an unacceptable apology, waited for the court to criticize, and then use it as an excuse to take down the original notice. ***

    Apple demonstrates pathological arrogance and self-righteousness, and profound contempt for the courts and the law.

    Apple could not manage a simple apology. They had to dilute it to such an extent that it becomes a hollow sorry and a bitter outburst riddled with lies. If they had simply done as the court ordered, this would all have been forgotten by now, but Apple's pathological mentality draws yet further attention to the falsehoods which the corporation and their loyal fanboys cling.

    Apple is an embittered corporation facing terminal decline. Their latest results confirm that this is a business too dependent on iOS and iPhone above all -- at a time when these products are being rapidly eclipsed by much cheaper and much better alternatives.
    Tim Acheson
    • Pull your head out, Tim.

      "Apple has been forced to remove the lies in its public apology to Samsung."

      What lies? They used the judge's own words and statements of fact about other courts.

      The truth is, Apple won this one. We all know it was a BS order, and Apple has played on that. The Rt Honorable Sir Robin Jacob was an idiot with his "not as cool" line, and Apple used that to mock the order. Probably not the best way to win friends in Her Majesty's Court, but it was PR victory.

      As for "embittered", maybe you should take a look in the mirror.
      • Do not count me in

        Matthew, please do not count me in when you say"We all know it was a BS order". Please do not represent me never ever again. I think it is indeed a good order to stop the patent trolls.
        Bison Shi
        • Stopping patent trolls is a good thing

          Stopping those who blatantly copy is another good thing.
          • If copying actually occurs...

            At the end of the day, Apple has been trying to claim ownership of very abstract concepts. And doing so with the intention of locking everyone else out.

            All televisions and PCs I've ever owned look similar in design with the exception of the logo on the front, and the content within. Are the Macs then copying televisions and PCs?

            How many people do you know that make an impulse purchase on something as expensive as an iPad or Samsung phone/tablet without knowing exactly what they're buying. Furthermore, if they're still not convinced they bought the wrong device after they've used it, is the problem REALLY the fact that the design was allegedly copied?

            I like Apple products. I like Android products. Apple's got the edge on the aesthetics, but it has nothing to do with the size and shape of the device more than iOS.

            Apple's lawsuit is merely an acknowledgement that they're backed into a corner. They know Android is hot on their heals of providing a similar, if not superior experience, and they're acting like pre-anti-trust lawsuit Microsoft: Sitting dominant and complacent. I'm confident they will find their way again. But it won't happen until they stop wasting resources on claiming they own ridiculous simple concepts. All it does is provoke retaliation and slows everything down.

            Anyone that has used iOS and Android KNOWS the differences between the two. And they are not subtle. Both for better and for worse.
          • Incredibly well put!

            A strong dose of reality never hurts anyone, and does wonders to dispel the usual scripted tripe one hears over and over. Reality check: hold an iPh5 and SamsS3 side by side for a while, work with them both, then ask yourself: who stole from whom?
      • Only 1 of these statements can be true....

        The truth is, Apple won this one. We all know it was a BS order

        Which one is it?
        • Not really.

          It's a deterrent. The judge basically said... Don't waste the time of this court with any more of these kinds of claims.

          The more victories Apple claims, the stronger subsequent cases become. And while you may love Apple now, you won't when they are so dominant that they control the whole market.
      • You don't speak for me either

        So I'll stick with the majority of people, you know, the one's that can tell the difference between a samsung tablet and an apple tablet. I agree with what the judge ordered purely based on the way apple conducted themselves before the case. Sing loud and proud accusing a rival of copying, apologise loud and proud when copying not proved. Simples.
        And you really think apple "won" this one? You don't get out much do you. Read the press, it's not favourable, certainly not over here. Maybe they "won" in cupertino and the strange world you live in but in reality, this has hurt them in the PR department.
        Let's see if you claim apple "won" in CA when the patents are retracted and the case has to be re-run. I'm sure you will still try and spin it in apple's favour so am genuinely eager to see your next BS fanboy post.
        Little Old Man
      • Let me tell you what lie it is

        First the Apple "clarification" claimed Germany ruling is different but the UK court already stated that the UK ruling applies to all EU, effectively nullify the Germany's ruling.

        Second, the US ruling is irrelevent to UK ruling not to mention it's still in appeal. It would be inappropriate even in US if Apple comments on it at this moment.

        The spirit of this clearification order, which most people misunderstood it as "Apology", is to clearifiy and notify the public that "Samsung did not copy Apple" because the court believe the accusation of Apple had done harm to Samsung's brand. Similar orders has been issued before and it's not unique.

        What *is* unique is this apply to plaintiff, which tells you exactly how the UK Court take it seriously when the court thinks Apple's accusation done to Samsung. Apple practically asked for contempt of court with that braty notice.
        • That would have been justice

          Maybe they would have also finally gotten a clue. Nahhh, who am I kidding!