Barnes & Noble to launch Nook e-readers in the UK in autumn

Barnes & Noble to launch Nook e-readers in the UK in autumn

Summary: US book shop will bring its digital store and its range of e-reading devices to Blighty in a matter of months.

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US bookseller Barnes & Noble is planning to bring its Nook e-readers to the UK.

Barnes & Noble's Nook Simple Touch and Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight will land on these shores in mid-October, the company said on Monday. Its online book shop will also open its doors to British readers, providing 2.5 million titles, at

Barnes & Noble's Nook Simple Touch

Barnes & Noble has struck deals with UK retailers to stock the devices, both in bricks-and-mortar stores as well as online. The retailers, and pricing for the devices, are yet to be announced.

The US version of the Nook Simple Touch has a 6-inch e-ink screen, 2GB of Flash memory, 2GB of RAM, microSD support and built-in Wi-Fi.

UK book chain Waterstone's last year announced its intention to make its own e-reader device, inspired in part by Barnes & Noble's move in the US. Waterstone's later dropped the plan, preferring to sell Amazon's Kindle instead. High street giant WHSmith sells a range of Kobo e-book devices via a partnership with the company of the same name.

Barnes & Noble's foray into the UK will be the first time the Nook devices have been sold outside the US. The book chain announced its plans for international expansion at the start of the year, when it flagged up its intention to make the Nook business a separate operating segment in the company.

The Nook business brought in revenues of $933m (£594m) during the last financial year, including $483m-worth of digital content.

Earlier in August, Amazon revealed that its British customers are now buying more e-books than printed volumes. Digital titles eclipsed physical ones two years after the Kindle was released in the UK — half the time it took in the US.

Topics: Tablets, Mobility

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  • Tax

    There was comment a few months ago about the tiny amount of UK tax that Amazon paid. Will Barnes & Noble pay UK tax? I'm damned if I'm going to buy from them if they don't.
    • 6 months late

      Seriously. I know it's hard to make an international launch, but this had to be made months ago. As in everything in computing, being weeks late is bad. Being months late is fatal. Now, there is the Nexus 7, Waterstones went with the Kindle, Windows 8 is about to debut. Who is going to pay attention to a B/W ebook reader launch?

      Anyway, good luck to B&N. Mr. Lynch is doing everything on his hands to refloat the company. Hope it's enough.
  • Good news.

    Wish B&N sucess and expansion to other markets too! (Poland?)
  • Price

    Any news on what they cost? I'm going to take a guess, take the figure in dollars, remove the dollar sign, insert the pound sign.