Bizarre tech: Gifts and gadgets

Bizarre tech: Gifts and gadgets

Summary: Ever wanted to know what 'unusual' tech creations are out there?

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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  • The Knucklecase

    The aptly-named knucklecase is a way to take your precious gadget and transform it into a weapon. 

    Apart from clasping your phone by slotting your fingers through the solid aluminium case and swinging it about when you're bored, there's little else this case achieves except for show -- and of course, the Knucklecase for the iPhone 4/4S isn't meant to be used as a weapon.

    The firm's disclaimer says the Knucklecase is only to be used "as a handle and protective accessory," and so "any other use of the product is considered a misuse," -- and you take responsibility. 

    Considering its value, the iPhone isn't exactly first choice in weapons -- unless you're certain celebrity figures we know. 

    If you like it, pick the case up for $79. 

  • The Orvillecopter

    As far as gruesome and distasteful gadgets go, the Orvillecopter takes the biscuit. 

    Dutch artist Bart Jansen decided to give his deceased kitty a send-off more memorable than having him stuffed or turned into a diamond -- instead, kitty Orville became a helicopter. 

    The taxidermied cat has landing skids on his belly and rotors on each of his four paws to allow flight. A Lotus 580 engine TURNIGY Plush 30amp Speed Controllers,HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0 and 4s LiPo gives kitty his wings. 

    Via: Craziest gadgets


Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • That cat is just scary !!

    Thanks for the article, where can I get my tentacle ??? it's great, and yes, some memory in it would help sales.
  • I guess some people have too much money

    Silly items to say the least