Bizarre tech: Gifts and gadgets

Bizarre tech: Gifts and gadgets

Summary: Ever wanted to know what 'unusual' tech creations are out there?

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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  • The Knucklecase

    The aptly-named knucklecase is a way to take your precious gadget and transform it into a weapon. 

    Apart from clasping your phone by slotting your fingers through the solid aluminium case and swinging it about when you're bored, there's little else this case achieves except for show -- and of course, the Knucklecase for the iPhone 4/4S isn't meant to be used as a weapon.

    The firm's disclaimer says the Knucklecase is only to be used "as a handle and protective accessory," and so "any other use of the product is considered a misuse," -- and you take responsibility. 

    Considering its value, the iPhone isn't exactly first choice in weapons -- unless you're certain celebrity figures we know. 

    If you like it, pick the case up for $79. 

  • The Orvillecopter

    As far as gruesome and distasteful gadgets go, the Orvillecopter takes the biscuit. 

    Dutch artist Bart Jansen decided to give his deceased kitty a send-off more memorable than having him stuffed or turned into a diamond -- instead, kitty Orville became a helicopter. 

    The taxidermied cat has landing skids on his belly and rotors on each of his four paws to allow flight. A Lotus 580 engine TURNIGY Plush 30amp Speed Controllers,HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0 and 4s LiPo gives kitty his wings. 

    Via: Craziest gadgets


  • Wearable LED lights

    Fashion encompasses everything from fur to metal, but can LED lights really make a mark in the industry?

    The LED Eyelash project aims to do just that. Whether a gimmick or not, Soomi Park's wearable LED eyelashes certainly make an entrance. 

    Perhaps best suited to the neon-bedecked raver, Soomi calls the wearable tech a way to cater for female desires of having larger and more expressive eyes. Instead of relying on eyeshadow and mascara, the model above is connected up to a pair of fake eyelashes, explained as such:

    "It features a sensor to turn on and/or off. The sensor can perceive the movements of the pupil in the eyes and eyelids. If you wear it and move your head, LED Eyelash will flicker following your movements. It is as simple to use as wearing false eyelashes and as easy to remove as taking off a piece of jewelry."

    Via: Soomi Park

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • That cat is just scary !!

    Thanks for the article, where can I get my tentacle ??? it's great, and yes, some memory in it would help sales.
  • I guess some people have too much money

    Silly items to say the least