Bizarre tech: Gifts and gadgets

Bizarre tech: Gifts and gadgets

Summary: Ever wanted to know what 'unusual' tech creations are out there?

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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  • The Marriage-Hunting Bra

    A new type of functional clothing that hails from Japan, the Marriage-Hunting Bra (Konkatsu Bra) has been designed by Triumph International.

    If time's ticking on and you're looking to tie the knot, marriage-minded women can purchase this bra and set the LED display timer in the middle of the garment to display a countdown -- relating to when the lady hopes she'll be married.

    The white-lace bra also has a ring holder and pockets for a pen and official stamp seal if the LED display isn't hint enough. 

    Via: Pink Tentacle 


  • Wiggly evil

    Out of every odd USB stocking filler you could find, the "Wiggly Evil" Squirming Tentacle is up there in the top ranks of weird and pointless.

    For $14.99, you would be forgiven in expecting an element of storage. But no. It simply.. squirms once you've plugged the product into a USB port. 

    Via: ThinkGeek

  • Mini Robot Vacuum

    The Mini Robot Vacuum is quite an odd but cute gimmick that actually does have a use -- sucking up the crumbs and dust no doubt covering your laptop's keyboard. Powered by AA batteries, a user simply needs to press the top button and the irritating problem of hard-to-reach debris on your computer is gone. 

    You can purchase each vacuum for $18 at FredFlare in three colors.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • That cat is just scary !!

    Thanks for the article, where can I get my tentacle ??? it's great, and yes, some memory in it would help sales.
  • I guess some people have too much money

    Silly items to say the least