Bizarre tech: Gifts and gadgets

Bizarre tech: Gifts and gadgets

Summary: Ever wanted to know what 'unusual' tech creations are out there?

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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  • The peeing boy

    A technological take on Brussel's famous statue, the Mannekin Pis, the "peeing boy" is an earphone jack accessory for your mobile gadget. 

    For $4, the accessory is designed to keep dust out of the jack, and for some audiences may provoke either amusement or horror. 

    Via: Strapya

  • A USB powered cat mask

    We've all seen people walking around with masks on, generally if they're unwell, but injecting some humor into the proceedings is the geeky USB powered cat mask. 

    In order to keep you cool with a fan to help you breathe, the cat mask is charged through a USB socket and -- naturally -- hails from Japan.

    To take a mask home with you, expect to to pay $33.

    Via: Geek stuff 4 U

  • The Flypaper robotic clock

    Flies can be a severe nuisance especially in warm weather, but what if your clock takes a leaf out of venus flytrap books and consumes them for you?

    Brought to you by U.K.-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, the Flypaper robotic clock earns its keep by trapping flies through paper stretched over a roller mechanism, which are then digested in order to provide the clock power.

    Via: New Scientist / Auger Loizeau


Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • That cat is just scary !!

    Thanks for the article, where can I get my tentacle ??? it's great, and yes, some memory in it would help sales.
  • I guess some people have too much money

    Silly items to say the least