Citrix gets set for Windows 8 with mobile push

Citrix gets set for Windows 8 with mobile push

Summary: Citrix is making its Receiver software compatible with Windows 8 devices ahead of next week's launch so that companies can securely access apps, data and desktops.


Virtualisation specialist Citrix has revealed that Citrix Receiver will be available on Windows 8 tablets and laptops when Microsoft's operating system update arrives in just over a week.

All of Citrix's products, including a new set of virtualisation and mobility tools, will be compatible with the new Windows OS, the company said at Citrix Synergy in Barcelona on Wednesday.

"You can see us picking up the Windows 8 touch tile metaphor... but also still having that same intuitive look and feel across the experience," Wes Wasson, chief marketing officer at Citrix, told ZDNet. "Each experience is customised to the device and application, but it has a consistent feel."

Citrix Receiver software allows employees to securely access corporate apps, data and desktops on personal and company-owned devices. It supports the main tablet, smartphone, laptop, Mac and PC platforms, so it will run on iOS and Android as well as on OS X and Windows.

In addition, the company is rolling out a version of its XenClient optimised for Intel-based ultrabooks. Using a client-side hypervisor, the desktop virtualisation software automatically syncs with the image held centrally in the business's datacentre, which helps with offline working.

Citrix hopes that the combo of XenClient and Receiver will appeal to enterprises grappling with the 'bring your own device' (BYOD) trend, where employees use their own devices for work.

As part of this, the company also introduced other tools to its mobile working line-up. These include the ShareFile with StorageZones software download, a secure dropbox for sharing corporate content that allows companies to keep data in-house if they choose. Meanwhile, CloudGateway provides management, security and control for native iOS, Android and HTML 5 apps.

Citrix also pushed out new mobile apps designed to tackle security concerns with BYOD. These are Citrix@WorkWeb, a native iPhone and Android browser that safeguards access to the web, and Citrix@WorkMail, protected native email, calendar and contacts for iOS and Android. 

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  • Citrix's products,allows employees to securely access

    I think - all of Citrix's products,allows employees to securely access corporate apps, data and desktops. Hopes that employees use devices for work.-:)
  • Windows RT?

    This article reflects in microcosm the problem that Microsoft has with Windows 8 and Windows RT. Here is an artlcle about the Citrix Receiver being made compatible with Windows 8. Okay, does that mean just Intel, or is it also compatible with ARM-based Windows RT? Of course, by this point, every person who writes for ZDNet should already know that's an issue and that they need to make that clear in articles like this. But it also shows that Microsoft marketing has failed, miserably, to brand the Windows 8 products so that it is easy to communicate about them and not have confusion like this.
    • ?? confused

      This will work on Windows 8 or RT, that is Microsoft are saying... if it is a Metro app it is cross platform by default. That is the beauty of the new style apps that it is a run time environment that just performs the work, providing you have a run time environment compatible with the app it will run which is what RT has in it.

      Sounds like you need to do some more reading :)
  • Citrix Preview for RT / Metro doesn't work for my business

    For the Citrix client to work, you must have the most up to date software server side. Big fail when compared to iOS, Android, Mac and older Windows environments.