Free upgrades to iPad 4 allowed in some UK Apple Stores

Free upgrades to iPad 4 allowed in some UK Apple Stores

Summary: Some Apple Stores are allowing customers the chance to upgrade their iPad 3 to the iPad 4 providing they bought it at an official Apple retail outlet in the last 30 days.


Some Apple Stores will allow UK customers trade in their existing iPad 3 for the new iPad 4 if they have purchased it in the last 30 days from an Apple retail store.

Apple left some of its customers disgruntled on Tuesday when it launched the new iPad 4 unexpectedly, resulting in some venting their frustration on Twitter. 

However, some Apple Stores are offering customers the opportunity to trade in their third generation iPad for a new iPad 4.

Apple staff in its Birmingham, Aberdeen and Kingston stores confirmed to ZDNet that they were aware of the new policy, while Manchester and Cardiff store workers said they were not aware of the deal.

iPad 3
People who bought the iPad 3 in the last 30 days may be able to upgrade them at Apple Stores in the UK. Image: CNET

The Birmingham shop assistant said customers could also trade in their iPad 2 for an iPad 4. However, Apple has not responded to a request for confirmation.

The new iPad 4 (Wi-Fi only model) can be pre-ordered from Friday and will be available in all 35 UK stores from 2 November with prices starting at £399 for a 16GB model. However, the 4G version will not go on sale until a later date.

The fourth-generation iPad comes only seven months after the iPad 3 was released in March.

It has he same 9.7-inch retina display as the iPad 3 but includes an A6X processor, which Apple said doubles the processing and graphics perfomance. It also comes with a next generation ISP (image stabilisation processor), 10-hour battery life and a HD 720p camera for FaceTime. The new iPad is the first to be charged by Apple's Lightning connector.

Alongside the new iPad, Apple also launched the iPad Mini, Mac Mini, iMac, and the MacBook Pro 13 with retina display.

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  • Evasive manouvre

    This is a clever way to try and avoid potential legal action by rightly outraged iPad 3 customers, but what about those who purchased 31 days ago or just 6 months ago?
    Tim Acheson
    • Tim - Is it any different then, we'll say

      MS not offering free upgrades to WP7 owners once they announced Windows 8 phones? Has there been any legal action taken?

      Sure there are whiners that cried MS screwed them, (but will defend Apple doing the same thing), but really, has anyone mentioned lawsuit?

      My question is, is this being done with the blessing of Apple? If so they better do it here, or there will be some discrimination lawsuits going.
      William Farrel
    • ipad 4

      ten days ago i bought 3 new ipad 3 from argos they cant or wont do anything about exchanging them for the ipad 4
      Linda Clarke
      • argos vs apple

        So you made a choice on who you bought your product from.

        Apple with 14 day no quibble guarantee.

        Argos with no return policy outside SoGa.

        What are you asking exactly?
  • Auto Industry comparison is not valid.

    The auto industry releases their new models around the same time each year. You want to compare apples to apples (pun intended), then in your scenario Ford releases a 2012 model, then a 2012-B model. Those that waited for the 2012 model would be rightfully peeve at Ford for such a move.

    Now, I do not think either situation is lawsuit-worthy, but I understand the disappointment.

    The outcry is specific to the less-than-a-year life cycle of the New iPad (3rd gen).
    • The car companies did, in fact...

      do just that for years. My parents owned a 1966 1/2 Dodge Coronet. The Mustang was introduced in April 1964, and a new model released in September 1964.
      • Oh, 40 years ago...

        Yeah, I see how that's relevant.
        • 2013 Chevy Malibu...

          look it up. Or isn't that current enough?
          • Look what up?

            You seem hell-bent on defending a point that was not even yours.

            I can only assume you are referring to the two models that are out now and the 2.0T yet to be released. The difference is that you know about the different models and can make an informed buying choice. If Apple had announced in March that, "By the way, we're going to have a new iPad in the fall, and it is going to have these certain specifications" then I can see why you are bringing this up.

            But we both know that did not happen.
            As I said; the auto industry comparison has no merit.
          • Sorry you don' understand.

            People who bought the 2013 early this year found out that later in the year a new version was released with no battery taking up a large amount of trunk space, and very similar gas mileage. I don't think that was advertised: "By the way, we're going to have a new Malibu in the fall, and it will be better. "
          • Funny

            So you think by March Apple should have known what the exact specifications would be by fall?? They might. But they also might not.

            Technology is progressing too fast for such wishful thinking scenarios.

            On the other extreme is the Microsoft's mantra "trust us, someday we will learn how to write an OS, or how to produce an tablet". Apparently, the market prefers the Apple's approach "here, this is our today's product -- take it or go elsewhere"
  • car vrs computer

    In all fairness to the car industry it doesn't correct a flaw, call it an upgrade and charge for it.
  • Apple

    screwed around too much, first an underwhelming iPhone 5 launch, iOS Maps was a disaster, iPad mini priced out of the 7" market and now this. Looks like they don't know what to do since their leader is dead.
  • Malcontents

    Bought a 27" iMac 15 Sept. Apple agreed I return it for the update coming out in Dec., without a quibble. All you whiners and wingers are tiresome to listen to. There isn't a Co. in the world as customer supportive as Apple.
  • IPAD 3 64GB

    Hi There, I just spoke to APPLE Retail Store in WESTFIELD LONDON, and they said they cannot promise if they can give the free upgrade to IPAD 4 if its within 4 weeks or 30 days.

    I been advised that please come on person and speak to the Store Manager.

    Which is really sad and poor service. I have spent £659 and this what I am getting???

  • ipad 4

    no hope for me then on my 3 ipad 3 from argos
    Linda Clarke
  • IPad3->4

    Old post but caught it in passing....

    I won a IPad3 in a very recent online competition. Now this was purchased by the company organizing the comp direct from Apple UK (I know cos they sent me the receipt for guarantee purposes:)

    Was purchased online from USA, delivered direct to me withing 10 days of end of comp, which was a fortnight ago now, 2 weeks in all.
    Hindsight being what it is I guess I should have asked them to buy the IP4 instead.

    Ah well, gifthorse, mouth, foot in it