Gary McKinnon extradition decision due before end of the year

Gary McKinnon extradition decision due before end of the year

Summary: McKinnon, wanted in the US on charges of hacking into Nasa and Pentagon systems, will see a decision on his extradition within months.


NASA hacker Gary McKinnon will see a decision on his extradition to the US before the end of the year.

Gary McKinnon

According to McKinnon's solicitor, the home secretary Theresa May will rule on whether McKinnon will be extradited on or before the 16 October, with a judicial review of the decision to follow weeks later.

"Should the decision from the Home Secretary not be in Mr McKinnon's favour, the High Court has fixed the case for hearing on the 28 and 29 November 2012," a statement from Kaim Todner Solicitors said.

The US began extradition proceedings against McKinnon in 2005, and his case has prompted calls from UK MPs for the extradition treaty between the two countries to be overhauled.

McKinnon is wanted on seven counts of hacking into NASA and Pentagon computers between 1 February, 2001 and 19 March, 2002. The Londoner has admitted hacking into the systems, claiming to have been looking for evidence of extra-terrestrials, but denies causing damage.

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  • Time Served

    Garry McKinnon has lived under a cloud of stress and anxiety for a period of up to ten years now. His health has deteriorated and his life and that of his family has been destroyed. Enough is enough. Consider this time served and move on. He was never a threat to NASA whose protection at the time was negligently ineffective. Better that this weakness was discovered this way rather than by terrorists, for instance.

    I doubt he would stand the orange jump suit, manacles, solitary confinement and lack of contact with family, support, or anything real that immediately accompanies the extradition. procedure.
    Old Moley
    • Self inflicted

      He didn't have to spend ten years fighting extradition.
      John L. Ries
      • Gitmo

        Next you'll be saying he'll get a fair trial...
        • What makes you think he won't get one?

          I wish the Guantanamo Bay prison had never been built, but even under Bush Administration standards, he wouldn't qualify to be incarcerated there.
          John L. Ries
  • Disgusting.

    We should have stuck two fingers up at the US government 10 years ago over this. "Update your server security and see a professional about your paranoia!"