Google snaps up site for new HQ in central London

Google snaps up site for new HQ in central London

Summary: Google has reportedly bought a 2.4-acre site in central London that will play home to its new headquarters in the city.


Google has bought a new site in London that will house its new headquarters in the capital, according to reports.

Google paid an undisclosed sum for the site on the multibillion pound mixed-use Kings Cross Central property development, according to a Reuters report on Thursday that cited the developers of the site as the source of the information.

According to the report, Google's new headquarters will sit on a 2.4-acre site and cover more than one million square feet of space when it is completed in 2016. Google will move its headquarters from its current location in Victoria when the Kings Cross site is complete.

As well as the Victoria HQ, Google has other premises in London, such as the Campus offices near Old Street, in the area of London known as Tech City.

Google had not responded to a request for comment at the time of writing.

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  • Does this mean

    they might start paying proper tax?
    Little Old Man
    • Nope. They'll still keep profits in off shore banks

      in places like the Bahamas
      William Farrel
  • The Government ought to slap a special tax on it

    to recover the lost revenue.