Google's new Samsung Chromebook: UK prices revealed

Google's new Samsung Chromebook: UK prices revealed

Summary: Google has kept the price of its latest cloud-based laptop low, as heads towards its UK launch next week.


Google has revealed UK prices and stockists for its latest Samsung Chromebook, a lower-cost addition to its line-up of cloud-focused laptops.

The Samsung Chromebook (unlike its predecessors, it has no series number) will have a price tag of £229 when it goes on sale in the UK on 22 October. PC World and Currys will carry it in 30 high-street stores, and it can be purchased online from PC World, Amazon UK and Google Play. The online sellers have begun taking pre-orders already.

Samsung Chromebook 2012
Google's latest Chromebook will cost just £229 when it launches in the UK. Image: Stephen Shankland/CNET News

The idea behind Chromebooks is that they tap into applications delivered over the internet, so the laptops need a broadband connection to be really useful. People who want to move up from the Wi-Fi-only version to the 3G-capable Samsung Chromebook will pay £300, according to a listing on Amazon UK.

The new Chrome OS laptop is priced lower than its predecessors: the Samsung Chromebook 550 is priced by Google at £379, while the Samsung Series 5 is £299, though both can be bought for less online.

Compared with these earlier models, the Samsung Chromebook is lighter and smaller. It has an 11.6-inch screen, is 0.8 inches thick and weighs 1.1kg

It has also swapped out the previous Intel Celeron chip for a Samsung Exynos 5 Dual, which is based on ARM's low-power dual-core A15 Cortex. It promises to boot up in seven seconds and to provide 6.5 hours of battery life. In addition, it comes with 2GB RAM, 16GB of built-in flash storage, and dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as standard.

Google is pitching its latest cloud laptop mainly as a second or third computer for home use, while watching television, for example. However, it also argues it can replace traditional PCs in business, especially if the employee uses Google Mail, Calendar and Docs for work.

"Admins can easily deploy and control a fleet of devices, including setting user, device and app policies, via the web-based management console," the company says on its Chromebooks page.

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  • For this price became INSTANT BUY for me!!

    For sure this is what I have been waiting for!!!! I have dual & tripple screen MAC and WIndows workstations, but whenever possible I do my computing in the cloud. It just naturally grew this way because I work on many locations for my own company. My companies bookkeeping uses a great cloudservice here in Holland, my documents are in the cloud, my communications go through Google and Android: email, video calling and VOIP. So many times I am using my powerfull and expensive workstations simply to run the Google Browser with 15-20 tabs open on 2 to 4 screens (ofcourse also for more powerfull computing tasks when I do need their more powerfull hardware). I already planned to buy the Google Chromebox en Chromebook, but just had some reservation because I found the Chromebook devices still somewhat expensive. Now at these prices buying them for me and my coworkers has just become an absolute no-brainer!! When I travel in Holland and Europa I always use a labtop (windows or Mac) just to run the Google browser to continue al my communications services and webservices. ANd now finally with the Chromebook I can do all this with WITH NO MORE COMPUTER MAINTENANCE!!!!! My god how I LOVE THEM FOR THIS!!!!. No more updating, upgrading, moving all your files and programs to your next new device. (of which I buy frequently). Now just quickly get some major software producers connect to Chrome OS (Adobe!!) and I will be running multiple screen Chromeboxes exclusively soon. Only I hope it will be possible to connect Apple screens to the Chromeboxes, because they are the best ones I found upto yet.
    And for those rare occasions I don't have WIFI around I just tether my laptops/tablets or even PC's to my smartphone with unlimited dataplan. For light computing like webbrowsing this works fine even when I tether several devices at once. And since lot of my computing time is light computing which I already "outsourced" to the world wide web using cloudservices, its perfectly okay!!

    And yes, also the OFFLINE DOCUMENT FEATURE in Gdocs works just fine.
    • Dude

      Please use to learn to use the carriage return.

      It really helps people read what you've written.
    • run Windows apps on chromebook

      Wow the chromebook design certainly looks sexy enough

      Anyway for those interested to use chromebook to "run" your windows apps, you can do so with software such as ThinServer. Provided you have a network connected to your Windows XP or Windows 7 machine. Info as below
      • Or by using an ASP

        Try this demo of MS Word, Excel, IE 9:
  • Total waste of money

    Why pay so much to get a browser and you can only run google spyware apps.
    • Aw, Diddums

      Microsoft forgot to think of this idea first?
      • yeah

        stupid ideas like this
  • cheaper

    Windows RT notebooks will bury this
    • Re: cheaper Windows RT notebooks will bury this

      So how are those cheaper WindRT devices coming along, then? Got much beyond the wishing stage yet?
    • Windows RT Notebooks

      haven't even been announced.

      Why do you assume they're even being made? Windows RT seems to be made primarily for a touch environment.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • First Look

    Looking at the first look, this look really affordable for me.
  • Well...

    They've finally become low enough. At this price, it's just awesome!