Inside the workspace for start-ups with their heads in the clouds: Photos

Inside the workspace for start-ups with their heads in the clouds: Photos

Summary: A new workspace on the 39th floor of Canary Wharf is extending London's Tech City out to Docklands, and aims to bring together smart start-ups and potential customers.


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  • Darren Armitage, head of technology innovation at HSBC, said: "Large organisations sometimes have a blind spot around small companies and having them on the doorstep makes it easier to get them into meetings with executives."

    Above is one of the meeting rooms with views over Canary Wharf - and the obligatory sweets to refuel entrepreneurs during those long brainstorming sessions.

  • Alastair Paterson, chief executive of Digital Shadows, an online monitoring service for confidentiality and compliance which has been in Level39 since January - and whose previous offices were above the meat market in Farringdon - described the facility as "a one of a kind".

    Each of the meeting rooms has some artwork on the walls - this one features an image of Steve Jobs.

    Images: Steve Ranger/ZDNet

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  • Wow.. that wall with Jobs on it....

    Nothing like having a quick snack with Jobs disapproving face staring you down.

    • Or looking over your shoulder

      to take your next great idea. :)
      William Farrel
  • A reminder to patent your ideas..

    or the company Jobs built will steal it and call it their innovation.
  • Where's The Teleconference Room?

    ... with a direct line to the development team in Hyderabad.