iPad lifehacks, tips, and tricks

iPad lifehacks, tips, and tricks

Summary: Here are tips, tricks and gadgets to use your iPad in fun ways.


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  • A retro iPad typewriter

    A geeky gift no doubt, but if you want to bring a retro touch to your modern-day tablet, consider purchasing a USB typewriter kit or using the DIY version to create your own. 


  • An iPad wall mount

    If you have your hands full cooking but want to check up on a recipe, consider using sugru -- a material which bonds but doesn't require nails or screws -- to create a wall shelf that your tablet can easily slide in to. Use cling film to protect your iPad while you mark out the areas for sugru-based hooks, then leave it to set for 24 hours before settling your iPad on the mount.

    Via: Sugru

    Image credit: Sugru

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  • The two minute stylus looks like

    some sorta' modified crack pipe.

    IMHO RoseMinaseel is just full of BS promoting CRAP like this in a forum!