iPad lifehacks, tips, and tricks

iPad lifehacks, tips, and tricks

Summary: Here are tips, tricks and gadgets to use your iPad in fun ways.


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  • A retro iPad typewriter

    A geeky gift no doubt, but if you want to bring a retro touch to your modern-day tablet, consider purchasing a USB typewriter kit or using the DIY version to create your own. 


  • An iPad wall mount

    If you have your hands full cooking but want to check up on a recipe, consider using sugru -- a material which bonds but doesn't require nails or screws -- to create a wall shelf that your tablet can easily slide in to. Use cling film to protect your iPad while you mark out the areas for sugru-based hooks, then leave it to set for 24 hours before settling your iPad on the mount.

    Via: Sugru

    Image credit: Sugru

  • An iPad stand using only the gadget's packaging

    If you want a stand but don't want to spend time or money on one, use the iPad's packaging. Take the cardboard element which protects one of the sides in the box, cut it in half, and cut a notch at the desired angle to hold your tablet. Once complete, you have a free stand. 

    Via: Geeky Gadgets 

    Image credit: Ian Collins

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  • The two minute stylus looks like

    some sorta' modified crack pipe.

    IMHO RoseMinaseel is just full of BS promoting CRAP like this in a forum!