iPad lifehacks, tips, and tricks

iPad lifehacks, tips, and tricks

Summary: Here are tips, tricks and gadgets to use your iPad in fun ways.


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  • An iPad guitar

    It might not be the most traditional instrument in the world, but one rather large and involved hack transforms an iPad into a guitar. As shown in the video below, by merging the tablet together with other components, you can create a guitar-shaped synthesizer capable of making some interesting sounds. 

    Via: Ubergizmo


  • A DIY iPad stylus

    Just because you're happy to spend hundreds of dollars on your tablet doesn't mean you'll be spending a little extra on a stylus to accompany it. If this is the case, all you need is the barrel of a Bic pen, Q-tip and aluminum foil. Cut the Q-tip and stick it shaft-first in to the barrel, leaving the cotton exposed, and then wrap the tin foil around the bottom of the barrel so it touches the cotton. Wet the cotton and you're done -- the metal and moisture replicating your finger and able to swipe, tap and stroke for you. 

    Via: CNET

    Image credit: CNET 

  • iPad mounts for motorcyles

    By using the ignition on a motorcycle, your iPad can be magnetically held down if you want to position it between handlebars to act as a sat-nav. There are a number of mods you can make to vehicles using custom holders for tablets, and while the video below shows how an iPad can be used with a Harley, there are also mods such as the integration of the iPad mini with trikes


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  • The two minute stylus looks like

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    IMHO RoseMinaseel is just full of BS promoting CRAP like this in a forum!