iPad lifehacks, tips, and tricks

iPad lifehacks, tips, and tricks

Summary: Here are tips, tricks and gadgets to use your iPad in fun ways.


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  • iPad bicycle jackets

    An experiment conducted by Maya transformed an iPad into wearable technology. The 'Maya Sprocket' was an application and jacket -- still possible to create through DIY -- which used the tablet to indicate which direction a cyclist was planning to take while on the road. The iPad was mounted on the back of a cyclist jacket, and if you planned to stop or slow down you triggered a "stop sign," whereas if you turned, a "turn" signal appeared on your back. 

    Via: Maya

    Image credit: Maya

  • Combining the iPad and velcro

    Interactive dashboard and research into connected cars is a hot topic at the moment, but you can create your own purely by using an iPad and some velcro. 

  • Windows 95 On An iPad

    I can't say I understand why you would do this, but if you want to go retro and install Windows 95 on your iPad, the instructions are below.


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