Microsoft reveals Windows 8 upgrade pricing for the UK

Microsoft reveals Windows 8 upgrade pricing for the UK

Summary: Microsoft has confirmed the cost of upgrading a PC to Windows 8 - and that people who have bought a Windows 7 machine recently will get a discount.

TOPICS: Windows, Microsoft, EU

Microsoft has confirmed the price most UK users will need to pay to upgrade to Windows 8 — £24.99.

The cost of the UK upgrade, which allows users to download a copy of Windows 8 Pro, is pegged at an almost identical level to the US, where an upgrade will set consumers back $39.99.

Windows 8
Upgrade prices for Windows 8 in the UK and Europe have been announced.

There's a slight discount for UK users who have recently bought, or are planning to buy a Windows 7 PC, however: anyone buying a Windows 7 machine between 2 June, 2012 and 31 January, 2013 will be able to get their hands on Windows 8 for a tenner less, at £14.99. 

US users will get to pay less though, with an upgrade from Windows 7 at just $14.99 – one-third less than the UK price. European users will also get a better deal than their UK counterparts, paying €14.99 — around £11.85.

The offer applies to the Home Basic; Home Premium; Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows 7, but not the Starter edition. More details are available on the Windows Upgrade site.

Windows 8 will go on general release on 26 October, three days before the launch of Windows Phone 8.

Topics: Windows, Microsoft, EU

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  • Nearest thing to a slam-dunk?

    OK, METRO is a klutz (I like to call it SCHIZO) but over the next year or so for £25 you get
    - the PRO version with media extensions
    - the latest version
    - a base for free upgrades over the next 2/3 years (no 'does not work on XP/Viista/W7')
    - all the goodness from Vista and W7, with none of the badness, more efficiently
    I mean after you've done a few minutes customisation and a few hours familiarity, by saying you don't want this upgrade for £25 you are betting that amount that MSFT is going to fail dismally. I think SJVN and AKH are doing their readers a dis-service by trying to put them off W8.
    • You make an excellent point

      Even if you only use Metro sparingly, basically the way you would the start menu and keep everything pinned to your taskbar, this upgrade is still worth the price. I'm sort of surprised that anyone would argue against the $40 being well spent for all the little things, ESPECIALLY if you're moving from Home to Pro. I went ahead and pre-ordered copies for all my PCs including the couple laptops at work. I mean why not?

      And the only version of Windows I've purchased that didn't come with a system is Windows 95. But at this price it seems so worthwhile. Everything I put it on is faster than it was with Windows 7. And for the one or two programs I had an issue with, Hyper V 3 w/ Windows 7 or XP Pro works just fine. In fact, more than fine.
      • good points

        Also their are programs such as start8 or classic shell to get the start menu back if you want .However the start screen works well once you pin all your stuff to it i just figured out i can pin stuff like the desktop control panel to it and other admin tools.

        The start menu thing seems so over blown and silly and probably wont be a big issue especially when mayor pc makers like Samsung plan to included a alternative start menu which is similar to the windows 7 start menu.
  • Nobody Buys Windows Upgrades

    Nobody goes to the shop to "buy" Microsoft Windows. It's just something they get with their PC.
    • I'm the guy!

      As an uber nerd that spends most of his time in the open source heaven, i can't say i'm a big windows user; until 7 I loathed the OS's comming out of Redmond. However my love of the open source means that i tend to virtualise my OS's on top of pc-bsd... This requires the building of a 'dream rig' that definately didn't ship with windows.. So I'm pretty happy i don't have to shell out hundreds again iust to upgrade!

      Oh i guess mac users that virtualise or dual boot also? But mostly us home builders i guess... We're clearly the target audience of windows 8... After all my local pc world isn't selling one touch screen lap or desk top one month before launch ;)
    • nobody buys upgrades?

      I think you really mean that nobody buys FULL versions of windows as they get them with their pc. For the majority that is right but for people who build PCs for themselves or for friends then they do have to buy new versions in most circumstances.

      However most users will need to purchase an upgrade at some stage, unless they only keep their computers for a very short period of time (say less than 2 years) My PC is over four years old though it has of course been upgraded in that time)
      • windows 8

        uk again gets hit by the high price upgrades, where does MS get the price that most of uk users will pay 24.99 when pc world are to charge 49.99, have you any idea how much the continent are being charged

        Ken Thomas
  • To all UK users

    When Ballmer says bend over, you had better bend over. He needs good sheep like you.
    Cylon Centurion
    • You got expertice in this 'bending' area?

      • Nope

        I see you sheep bending to 45 degree angles all the time.

        Cylon Centurion
  • Win 8 Upgrade for Self Builds?

    I've just, 2 weeks ago, completed a new build and purchased a 64 bit OEM copy of Win 7. How do I go about getting this upgrade?
    Thanks & regards,
    • No recent purchace discount... I think...

      Sorry looks like you have to provide the manufacturer And place of purchase for the £15 upgrade, but it's worth checking that on their upgrade registration page - i don't have a revecent purchase to test with, but that's how i read it i'm afraid.

      For the £25 upgrade you just need your licence for that OS and it's valid all the way back to XP (so if you've got an old worthless xp box with a valid licence on it the value's about to go up i suspect) so most pc users will be able to upgrade for £25 so long as their licence hadn't rubbed off their laptops as far as I know.

      Pretty sweet it's going to be so cheap; either they've learned from apple... Or they're worried about slow adoption and piracy.
    • technically

      that OEM copy should only be sold to you with a PC; to build your own PC, you're supposed to buy the System Builder licence.
      • OEM Win 7

        The pack I bought says "OEM System Builder Pack," and was sold to me by reputable large on-line retailer. If I've been sold the wrong thing please let me know so I can take it up with them vigorously.
        Don't want to do my mate Bill Gates out of any dosh that's due to him.
  • Sales tax?

    Are the UK prices inc VAT? If the US price is before sales tax (as US prices are commonly quoted), that would add 8%+ for most states and reduce the $14.99/£14.99 difference somewhat...