Microsoft Surface: Now the 32GB with Touch Cover sells out in UK

Microsoft Surface: Now the 32GB with Touch Cover sells out in UK

Summary: The 32GB Surface tablet with or without keyboard has now sold out for pre-orders in the UK - only the higher-end 64GB version remains available.


On Monday the basic 32GB version of Microsoft's new Surface tablet sold out on pre-order in the UK. It has now been joined by the 32GB model with Touch Cover.

Earlier this month Microsoft said a "limited quantity" of the tablets would be available for pre-order, and as of Tuesday its pre-order page is listing the 32 GB with the black cover-and-keyboard Touch Cover as "temporarily sold out".

Only the 64GB model with black Touch Cover is currently available for pre-order in the UK, while the only accessories that can be bought through the UK store are the white Touch Cover (other colours appear to have sold out) and the Type Cover.

The 32GB Surface tablet with or without keyboard has now sold out for pre-orders in the UK.

In contrast, the US site is still offering all versions of the Surface: the basic, cover-free model is listed as having a three week-wait for delivery, with a one-to-two week wait for the other models. The white, red, cyan and magenta Touch Covers, as well as the Type Cover, are all also still available on the site too.

The French and German online stores are also still showing full stock although they are not offering all colour options for the covers.

Microsoft would not say how many Surfaces been made available for pre-order in the UK, or whether it was planning to sell the devices through retailers in the UK after its official launch on 26 October.

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has described Windows 8 as "an absolutely critical product" for the company, taking Windows into the world of touch and low-power devices.

"It's a big step: it's key to where personal computing is going and we're going to get software developers behind this just like we have with every big new version of Windows," he said in an interview on a Microsoft blog.

Gates also championed Microsoft's hybrid approach with the Surface. "Surface is an unbelievably great product, it's really amazing and it embodies this idea of can you get an even better tablet but that also has what you'd expect in a PC," he said.

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  • Numbers

    Assuming the numbers are good, we probably won't see them released until next week at the earliest.
    Jeff Kibuule
    • Numbers

      Yeah, if you have to ask then the answser probably isn't good. It will be interesting to see how the numbers shake out.
  • This is reminiscent of the Nokia Lumia.

    The Nokia Lumia also sold out in UK - didn't sell very many though. Maybe the same Microsoft marketing person is involved.
  • Much ado about nothing

    Clearly Microsot made a limited quantity of the Tablets to create interest. It's a short term boost that wont last long.
    • Same as the iphone5 then?

      Little Old Man
  • Sold out of PRE-orders?

    How the hell does that work? Sold out of stuff NOT in stock?

    Creating an illusion of high demand?

    People actually believe this crap?
  • Microsoft Surface: Now the 32GB with Touch Cover sells out in UK

    How can this be? My stalker specifically told me that the Microsoft Surface was going to be flop even though I gave evidence to the contrary and here it is sold out. I'm going to enjoy throwing this in his face now.

    Kudos to Microsoft for showing the world the next wave of portable computing devices. They also get credit for stepping up their game and showing the rest of the OEMs how its done.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • And the 32GB without cover is temporarily sold out in Australia

    Even when I ordered mine the HDMI cable was out of stock.

    I think it's going to be a bad few months for the MS haters
  • 5 Million is an easy sell

    We know that Microsoft said they are building 3-5 million, I am also sure with the pre-orders they were able to gauge the interest of the public and want to have enough on hand at their stores for Oct 26th launch, any which way we spin the numbers 3-5 million of these devices is not that ifficult for Microsoft to sell, this is not HP Touchpad WebOS(BTW I bought one for $99 running Android now). Launch markets are North America + UK and now China. Microsoft's following is huge, I personnally bought 3 iPhones over the years(heavily subsidized by my carrier, they didnt' carry S2/S3/Nexus at the time), 1 iPad & an Samsung Android tablet, knowing very well that as soon as a viable Windows phone and/or Tablet came out I would #switch to Windows devices. Apple too restrictive, Android lacking upgrades.
  • Remember when people said Surface would be vaporware?

    Now it is selling out online. Not to bad for a product that no one has really uses yet.

    I wonder what the actual customer reviews of the tablet will be, especially the key board cover.
  • I want to be impressed

    But until we see pre-order numbers I'm not holding my breath. iPhone 5 pre-orders were something like 2 million in the first 24 hours.
    • What numbers would impress you?

      Clearly MS can't compete with Apple pre-order numbers in this market just like Apple can't compete with MS numbers in the desktop OS department.

      So what pre-order numbers would impress you? I'd like for you to state that BEFORE they come out so we avoid the whole "MS reports 1.5 million pre-orders" to which you reply "my secret number was 1.6 million to be impressed, thus Surface is an epic fail".