Moto G becomes first non-Nexus to get KitKat in the UK

Moto G becomes first non-Nexus to get KitKat in the UK

Summary: UK owners of the well-specced and smartly-priced Moto G should receive Android 4.4.2 this week.


Motorola's Moto G looks set to be the first non-Nexus Android in the UK to be offered the latest version of Google smartphone OS, with Android 4.4.2 rolling out to the devices there this week.

Since there aren't many Motorola models available in the UK today, in one stroke, the Google-owned company will deliver KitKat to a third of its product line in the coming week, beating more popular rivals HTC and Samsung to the mark.

Owners of the HTC One are likely to next to get KitKat in the UK, with earlier statements from HTC pointing to the end of January for the start of its deployment. Meanwhile, Samsung may even release its Galaxy S5 before getting around to updating earlier Galaxy models to KitKat.

Motorola quietly announced the availability of Android 4.4.2 for the Moto G via its UK support page, pointing to firmware build KLB20.9-1.10-1.9 for the update.

Moto G, the cheaper sibling of the Moto X (the higher-end model not currently available in the UK), launched in the UK in November for around £120, costing the same as Nokia's Lumia 520 — the device, which along with the Lumia 625, has helped drive Windows Phone marketshare in the country.

Alongside a 720p screen and 4.5 inch display, the Moto G has a quad-core 1.2GHz processor with 1GB RAM, and comes with either 8GB or 16GB of storage onboard.

Motorola's early rollout of KitKat continues the pace it set in the US, where it was also the first to deliver the new OS to its devices on Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. The company expanded took KitKat to the Moto G in late December.

As usual, Google's own Nexus brand were the first to receive the KitKat update, which was updated to the current 4.4.2 version in early December.

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    Still waiting for the U.S. CDMA version. Come on, Motorola!
  • Come on Motorola

    Nice to hear it's being rolled out in the UK.
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    I did not get the update but upgraded following this tutorial smartphonestutorials dotcom its working . but here i would like to mantion all folks, who are interested to upgrade their device that You cannot downgrade to a previous software version after installing this update.